How to Make a Stain Glass Window with Crystal Effects Markers

 Do your kids like window markers? Mine absolutely LOVE window markers, especially the Crayola Window Markers Crystal Effects. We decided to make a stain glass window using the markers.

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Crayola Crystal Effects markers go on clear when wet and then crystallize as they dry.
To do this project gather some painters tape and some Crystal Effects Markers. Click here to get some.
Next use the tape to make your pattern on the window.
Start coloring it in. It can be colored all the same color or different colors.
Isn't it so pretty?
Next remove the tap and like magic there is stain glass window art.
The finished product.
Bonus cleaning tip. Make sure to wipe it down more than once. The residue gets on the rag or paper towel.
And leaves a residue that crystallizes over and over again. It will eventually get better. It takes a few passes to get it completely clean.

Hope this project is super fun for you! Let me know if you try it. Here is the link again to get the markers.

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  1. The amazon listing for the crystal markers is no longer selling. Is there any other replacement markers you would suggest?