Crayola Cloud Putty

Crayola also owns Silly Putty. I was been able to visit Toy Fair in 2020. The theme for the booth was a cloud rainbow cloud theme based on Cloud Putty. I was able to take a sample and bought the rest at Target. The sample ended up being the "thanks for coming to our booth". Every year Crayola has a thank you for coming to their booth gift along with delicious cookies.

The cloud putty is super soft and fun to play with. This blog post contains affiliate links.

Cloud Putty comes in four colors; purple, yellow, blue and pink.
Collecting Information
It is interesting to note on the thank you putty it says to stay away from hair, eyebrows and eye lashes, and not to use as ear plugs. Who uses putty as ear plugs?
Boxes: Cloud Putty: Yellow, Blue, Pink and Purple 
Year: 2019 (packs of cloud putty), 2020 (cloud putty thank you)
Style Numbers: 08-0205 (all packs of cloud putty), no style number (cloud putty thank you)
Code Numbers: 08-0205-0-300 (all packs of cloud putty), no code number (cloud putty thank you)
UPC Numbers: 071662502058 (all packs of cloud putty), no UPC (cloud putty thank you)
Manufacturing Location: China
Where to buy: eBay

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