Create a Custom Haunted House

One of my favorite parts of Toy Fair is connecting with toy companies. This year I was able to connect with Kids Made Modern. What drew me to their company was their crayons, go figure. But then I found lots of amazing crafting kits. 

With my kids home three days a week now it is the perfect thing for us. When my kids were smaller we used to go to Michaels Camp Creativity during the summer. At the camp they would have all the crafting supplies to make specific crafts. I loved it because my kids got to be creative, but I did not have to gather all the supplies. This is exactly what Kids Made Modern has done. They have gathered all the themed supplies in a kit for kids to unleash their creativity. I like it again because I do not have to go and gather all the supplies. I buy the kit and it is all there. And anything that can save me money right now is worth it! 

This blog post contains affiliate links and the kit was provided in exchange for an honest review.

The Kids Made Modern kits come in a box divided up into all the supplies. They come in paper bags not plastic. I love the environmentally friendly packaging.
The side of the kit has a cute pattern and can also be used in the design of the project.
What's In the Kit

The Create Your Own Haunted House kit includes: 6 paints, 1 medium round brush, 30 laser cut wood pieces, 3 glitters, 3 decorative bats, 12 assorted paillettes, 16 pom poms, 16 fuzzy sticks, 1 tube of tacky glue, 20 googly eyes, and 1.2 meters of cording, 3 skull beads, and 1 faux side web.

How to Make the House
The front of the box shows a built house. The great thing about this kit is it includes more supplies than used on the front of the box. The kids can use their imagination and creativity to design their OWN unique house. My kids used the house on the front as a base to know how to put it together, but came up with their own color scheme and design.
The first thing they did was paint all the pieces.
My daughter mixed the red and yellow to make orange to paint the cat orange.

She decorated the tree with the spider web.

Then she put the house together with glue in the seams. It was a little tricky to get it all together. I had to assist with that part. I would recommend letting the paint dry completely before putting it together.

Then she added the windows.

And put all the finishing touches on the house.

What Did We Think?

We loved this Halloween craft project. I loved how open ended the project was. There was not one way to make it. My kids could add their own personal touches to the project. I also liked the quality of the laser cut pieces. I did not have to punch them out and they were so detailed. The quality of the supplies was very good. The paints were vibrant and the tacky glue really worked. This kit could also be used by adults wanting to create a cute Halloween decoration. I can not wait to show more Kids Made Modern projects. 

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And here is the final product. I love the smoke coming from the chimney with the ghost.

Here is the tree and the RIP signs.

And a detailed side view of the house.
And the other side view.
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Here is the back and bottom of the box for reference.


  1. Jenny, this Haunted House Kit is great and your kiddos did an awesome job! Thanks for joining in the Creative Crafts Fall Edition. We'd love for you to share over at our Linky Party too!
    Have a great week!
    Creatively, Beth

  2. So fun! Thank you so much for sharing!!