24 Crayola Colors of the World Markers Review and Swatches

Crayola came out with Colors of the World Crayons in July 2020. They worked with Victor Casale for  to develop the crayons. At this time I asked them if there would be Colors of the World markers and colored pencils. They said yes. And guess what? I found them! The marker colors are the same colors as the crayons and are representative of many skin tones. I think Crayola should expand them to Super Tips next. But for now adult colorists can pick up a box of these to color with. These will also be great for kids. I picked up a box for my kids to use.

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It took me a while to find these markers. I preordered them from Amazon on October 8th. Amazon is usually amazing with preorders. The day came they were supposed to come, December 23 and they had not been shipped yet. I was super disappointed. My local Walmart had them "in stock". I went to check there, but sadly no one could find them and they were not out. I ordered them (and a lot of other supplies to get free shipping) on Blick Art Supplies thinking I would get them. I got a shipping confirmation for my order and sadly they were not in there. Blick said they wouldn't get the markers in stock until the end of January. :( I then went to Crayola.com and ordered them there. They are supposed to get here tomorrow. I was super anxious to get them though and decided to check the other Walmart in my area and they had them! I was super happy and now I can post them. For right now check Walmart and Crayola.com to get them.
Color Information
Here are all the swatches for the Colors of the World markers. Click here to get your own swatch chart. I was super impressed with the colors. No two colors were the same. There were some that were very similar, but even the close ones were different.

Click here to get the swatch charts for all the Crayola markers.

What's inside the box: extra almond, very light golden, very light rose, light golden, very light almond, light medium golden, light rose, light almond, light medium rose, light medium almond, medium deep rose, medium almond, medium golden, medium deep almond, deep rose, very deep rose, deep almond, medium deep golden, deep golden, very deep almond, extra deep almond, extra deep rose, extra deep golden, deepest almond
Where to buy: Dick Blick Art Materials, Crayola, Amazon
Colors of the World Markers Color Swatches

Here are the markers arranged in color order.

Collecting Information
This is a great box to collect since it is the first time these markers are available.

Boxes: Crayola 24 Colors of the World Markers
Other Boxes: There are Colors of the World crayons and colored pencils.
Year: 2020
Style Numbers:  58-7802
Code Numbers:  58-7802-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662078027
Manufacturing Location: USA 
Where to buy: Dick Blick Art MaterialsCrayolaAmazon
Here are the sides of the boxes with the color swatches.
The markers come in three boxes; one is forest green, one is yellow and one is green.
The back of the box corresponds with the color on the front. It is images from the coloring book and can be colored in.

Here are the bottoms of the interior boxes.

Here are the order the markers came in in the box, roses in one box, golden and almond in another and almond in a box.


  1. You should do a post on the colored pencils too! Like the markers, they're only available on the Crayola website for now.

    1. Just got them yesterday, took the pictures today and the post is up for the colored pencil! https://www.jennyscrayoncollection.com/2021/01/24-crayola-colors-of-world-colored.html