Hours of Interactive Play with STEM Underwater Base and Deep Sea Submarine

Does your kid like to play build things? The GUJO Adventure Sets from Luki Labs are perfect free play and building sets. The construction element comes when the set is being constructed.  Free play comes when the set is finished. I found out about it at Holiday of Play this year and was very impressed. We received the Underwater Base and the Deep Sea Submarine in exchange for an honest review. This blog post contains affiliate links.

What's Inside the Box
Underwater Base
The Underwater Base comes with 1 sticker set, 1 tool sheet, 2 3 1/4 inch characters, and about 94 building pieces used to make the underwater base. The characters have interchangeable facial expressions and the option to wear a helmet or hair.

Deep Sea Submarine
The Deep Sea Submarine comes with 1 sticker set, 1 tool sheet, 2 3 1/4 inch characters, and about 138 building pieces used to make the deep sea submarine. The characters have interchangeable facial expressions and the option to wear a helmet or hair. My daughter was really excited this set came with a girl.

How to Build
We built both sets at the same time. At first my daughter and son were building the same one, but they were fighting over putting pieces on so I got out the other set for one of them to build. The basic pieces for the sets are long connection rods, panels that fit between the rods, base panels and base construction pieces, and 5 different kid of connection pieces. Some of the connection pieces are easier to put together than others.

Here is my son putting a panel in the submarine.

Here is my daughter building the underwater base. She is older and had a much easier time building this set than my son had with the submarine.

There is even a shark to build. This shark is great for imaginative play later. 

Here is my son and daughter putting the connection pieces on the panels.

Here is my son putting the the tubes on the submarine. This part was a little tricky because the connections on the blue plastic pieces kept popping off. We learned later to make sure to press them together firmly. This helped them from popping off.

Here is my son putting the panel cap on the finished submarine.

And here is the finished Underwater Base. 

There is even a place for the characters to sit in the submarine.
The characters can hold the cardboard tools.
What Did We Think?
We liked building both sets. The underwater base was definitely less complicated to build than the submarine. The submarine had a few parts that if they were messed up ruined the whole build and would need to be fixed to make it right. I ended up fixing some of those issues by trial and error. What could alleviate this confusion? Recently I built some Ikea bookshelves. When there was a common problem that would mess up the build they blew up the issue and showed the wrong ways and the right ways to build the bookshelf. This could be done for this toy also. Identify the confusing steps or the steps that might be messed up and show the right and wrong way to build.

The pieces in the sets are interchangeable and could be combined to make something unique. My daughter did this with the underwater base. She changed the layout.

Once the sets were made they were super fun to play with. My kids spent hours pretending to be underwater divers and sea adventurers. The sets are also made of unique materials. All the panels are a flexible plastic that does not break easily. The connection pieces are unique and allow the structure to become stable once assembled. I would highly recommend the GUJO Adventure series.

Here is the packaging information.
Deep Sea Submarine

Underwater Base

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