Crayola Create and Play Markers

In 2019 Crayola came out with the Crayola Create and Play app. These markers are a promotional box advertising that app. The box contents are the same as a normal box of markers, it is just the outside that is different. The title is a bit misleading because the app is not free, but there is a free trial. After that the app is a subscription and costs per month or year. I remember back in the day when apps only had to be paid for once, that was nice. Now the business model for apps is paid. We have the app and the kids like it. I have considered unsubscribing because they do not use it that much, but actually do art projects lots more. We limit screen time in our house. Here is my review of that app.

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Here are the colors in the boxes.

Color Information 

Boxes: Crayola Create and Play 10 Fine Line and Broad Line Markers
What's inside the box: in both boxes: gray, pink, black, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, violet (purple), brown
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy: Amazon

Collecting Information

This box design is collectible because it is a promotional box that probably will not be made for a long time.

Boxes: Crayola Create and Play 10 Fine Line and Broad Line Markers
Other boxes: There are some crayons in this series
Year: 2019
Style Numbers: 58-7726 (Fine Line), 58-7722 (Broad Line)
Code Numbers: 58-7726-0-215 (Fine Line), 58-7722-0-216 (Broad Line)
UPC Numbers: 071662077266 (Fine Line), 071662077228 (Broad Line)
Manufacturing Location: USA
Where to buy: Amazon
Crayola 2019 Fine Line Markers

Crayola 2019 Broad Line Markers

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