Become a Kid Palentologist with the GeoSafari Fossil Excavation Kit

Want  to know what present to buy your kid that will keep them occupied for hours? The GeoSarfari Fossil Kit from Educational Insights. We were playing with a bunch of toys this day and this is the toy that my kids kept coming back to again and again.

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Why did they come back to the toy? Does it speak? No. Can you build something with it? No. Is is a unique toy that is messy and makes them feel like geologists? Yes. They loved the digging for the fossils. They broke a few, but guess what? They learned they had to be gentle in order to get the fossils out. This toy required patience, but was also super fun for them at the same time. They were thrilled with the discovery of the fossils.

What's In the Box?
The kit come with; an instruction booklet, chisel, hammer, brush, magnifying glass, and a sand block with 8 fossils.

At first we started digging out the fossils in the container it came in.

It was fun for my daughter.

Then it started to get more messy. See how she uncovered her first fossil!

Then I put a towel under it.

And then my son went to town with it and there was sand everywhere on the towel.

He loved this part, getting messy, uncovering the fossils.

What Did We Think?
All in all we loved this toy. It was super fun for the kids to play with and kept them entertained for hours. Make sure they have plenty of space to get messy and they will have fun!

Here is the packaging information.

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