65 Sharpie Markers The Ultimate Collection Swatches and Review

As you may know I am somewhat of a Sharpie Nerd. Last year I made it my mission to find out every Sharpie color out there. Since then I have identified 76 unique colors including the neon, metallic and core colors. The neon and metallic Sharpies are made with different ink types. This year I attended Creativation and I was SUPER excited to meet with Newell brands, ie they are the company that makes Sharpie, Prismacolor, Elmer's, Paper Mate products etc. At Creativation I learned that Sharpie would be releasing a 65 count Fine Line Marker with all the Core Colors, i.e. the ones that have the alcohol as an ink base.

Alcohol based markers can be used in so many ways! The colors can be blended by touching the tips and blending on the paper. They can also be used to make gradients. Now with all the colors this box of Sharpies will be so versatile for so many artists.

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And I am so lucky that I finally got my hands on this box. As soon as I got this box I put away every marker from my makeshift Ultimate Collection box back where they belonged and am now displaying this one.

Here are all the colors in the box.

Color Information 

Boxes: Sharpie Ultimate Collection 65 Core Colors
What's inside the box: 

  • The colors for the Sharpie 65 Ultimate Collection box with all the core colors are:  valley girl violet, ultra violet, boysenberry, magenta, power pink, electric pink, berry, rocket fuel red, jellie pink, pink, jupiter red, solar flare red, red, racey red, pink lemonade, peach, orion orange, optic orange, leg warmer orange, tangerine, banana clip yellow, yellow, almond, supersonic yellow, martian green, venus green, lime, galaxy green, green, mint, argyle green, aqua, jetset jade, nano blue, turquoise, blue ice, neon blue, brilliant blue, surf, techno blue, blue, navy, sky, intergalactic indigo, purple, lilac, brown, black, dark matter gray, slate gray, celestial gray, purple fluorite, tanzanite, peacock blue, teal tiger's eye, jasper green, amber, cabochon coral, rose quartz, citrine, aquamarine, geode, violet chalcedony, light blue topaz, and lavender mica.

Purchase Information: Received product for review
Where to buy: Blick Art Supplies

Click here to get this swatch chart.

Click here to get swatch charts for all the Sharpie Markers.

What Did I Think?

This box is truly amazing! The packaging is not quite as nice at the other Ultimate Collection boxes, but the price point is right on. It is going for around $51 on Blick Art Supplies. I guess if they did the same box as the other Ultimate Collection boxes the colors would not be able to be displayed the same. I am so excited to display the colors like this and am going to keep it in this color order because it is so pretty. 

The one thing I did wish they had done is put the names of the colors on the markers. I feel like this would take the Sharpies to a whole new level. The people using Fine Tip Sharpies and wanting every color will probably be artists. And artists like to know the name of the color of the marker. I hope this box sells really well, that Sharpie comes out with more and more marker colors especially brown tones. I would love to see a skin tone set at some point. This is my favorite box of Sharpie Markers to date. I also hope they come out with a Ultra Fine Ultimate Collection box also.

This box is also a great deal for getting all the Sharpies. Before this multiple sets would have to be acquired costing over $130 depending on which sets were bought. (I spent more than that.) There would be duplicate markers from some of the sets from having to buy so many different sets. And it was hard to store them all in one place. This set is great because it offers all the colors in one place. 

Collecting Information

This is the first time that Sharpie has EVER released every single marker in one set. It is definitely collectible.

Boxes: Sharpie Ultimate Collection 65 Core Colors
Year: 2021
Part Numbers: 2147941
UPC Numbers: 071641189669
Manufacturing Location: Assembled in USA
Where to buy: Blick Art Supplies

Here is the back and bottom of the box. I love the design on the box, it is super colorful and detailed.


  1. Thanks for the info posted here. Any idea if they'll ever release the same collection with ultra fine markers?

  2. Send me the search chart