11 Reasons to Use a Bullet Journal

Why Bullet Journal? That is the question. What I did not realize is that I have bullet journaling for most of my life. I love making lists and I love being organized. It was not until last year when I got a bunch of bullet journal supplies and I officially bought my first dot notebook that I realized how pretty it could be.

What is bullet journaling? Bullet Journaling is having a place to brain dump and make thoughts organized and pretty. Bullet Journaling can include; calendars, to do lists, goals, daily inspiration, daily trackers and much more. The bullet journal can be simple or it can be covered in art.

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Now to answer the question why bullet journal, here are my reasons why. Here is a video or the written list.

11 Reasons to Bullet Journal

1. Better alternative to being on phone
I switched to a paper planer a few years ago because I did not want to be on my phone as much. When I get on the phone I forget why I get on. Then 30 minutes later I vaguely remember why. It is so easy to get distracted on the phone. When I pick up the paper planner I know exactly why I am opening the paper planner. 

2. Remember stuff because it is written down
Writing things down can help people remember things. I certainly remember more when I write it down.

3. It is unique-can be anything
I touched on it a little at the beginning, but a bullet journal can be unique. It can be anything the author wants it to be, there is no right or wrong way to bullet journal. People can make calendars, trackers and lists or none of those things. It can be anything that will help someone stay organized or have a place for their thoughts.

4. Good place for a brain dump
I have insomnia plain and simple. My doctor told me I needed to write down my thoughts before bed. Having a bullet journal is perfect. I can list all the things I need to worry about and then not have to worry about forgetting them when I need to remember them. I can go to sleep and think about other things and not stay up half the night worrying.

5. Helps with organization 
As I have bullet journaled more and more last year I have found myself making the same lists over and over. I have found what works for me when using a bullet journal. In my bullet journal I know where to go to look for specific lists. It helps me stay so organized. Here is my monthly bills section and when it is paid with the amount. I also have my payoff goals and 2022 expenses. I did not fill them in for privacy reasons, but have them filled in another planner.

6. Doesn’t have to be perfect just perfect for you 
Bullet journals do not have to be perfect, mine certainly is not. It is littered with mistakes. But guess what no one has to see my bullet journal unless I show them. And there are ways to cover up mistakes or leave them be by crossing them off.

7. Lists and calendars for anything 
There are endless possibilities for the types of lists and calendars that can go in a bullet journal and no special programs or computer formats needed to run them. I have lists for renovation projects, what I need to buy in a year, grocery lists, cleaning lists etc. I have calendars for birthdays, a general calendar, monthly calendars and daily calendars.

8. Inspires creativity 
A bullet journal inspires creativity. I know it has for me. It can be simple and plain or super arty and fancy. It can be colorful or monochrome. It can change based on the seasons. The possibilities are endless.

9. Helps with goals 
Bullet journals can help with goals. When a goal is written down and looked at it is easier to achieve. I also have daily trackers to help achieve my goals. Here are my big goals and a daily tracker to achieve my big goals.

10. Easy to flip through 
A bullet journal is super easy to flip through and is always on. The wifi never runs out. It is easy to look back at past lists and see what needs to still happen or look at goals, reference sheets etc.

11. Good place to remember things
The last reason, but there are still more, let me know in the comments why you keep a bullet journal is that it is a good place to remember things. I can look at past journals and see what I did that year or how far I have come. I can remember what I did.

I hope these reasons help in your bullet journal journey. It is never too late to start! Here are some good resource for supplies to help get started.

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