120 Crayola Super Tips Markers with Silly Scents

 Overview and Review

Crayola came out with 120 Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers including 20 Silly Scents and I can not be more excited. There are 100 unique colors in the box for sure. I am not sure if the 20 Silly Scents are unique colors. I love using Super Tips for coloring because they are very good for detail work at the tip, but can also be used for thick lines by using the whole marker. Super Tips can also be used for bullet journaling and lettering. 

Click here to get the swatch charts for all the Crayola markers.

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Color Information
What's inside the box: The colors in the 120 Crayola Super Tips Markers are:

  • Sleeve 1: black, red, azure, graphic green, yellow, brown, orange, salmon, blue, gray, teal, kiwi, peach, ultra violet, marigold, camo green, brick red, purple mountain's majesty, tiger orange, hot magenta
  • Sleeve 2: primrose, carnation pink, green, golden beige, lobster red, dark chocolate, wild orchid infra red, blue lagoon, pine green, copper, wild blue yonder, emerald, midnight blue, star bright, battery charged blue, golden yellow, yellow green, olive green, turquoise surf
  • Sleeve 3: forest green, scarlet, melon, parrot pink, raspberry, sky blue, blue green, blue bolt, indigo, medium gray, lilac violet, storm cloud, steel blue, medium brown, rust, light lavender, dark brown, pearl gray, dark forest, amaranth
  • Sleeve 4: orchid violet, olive brown, fuchsia rose, dark gray, ash gray, asphalt gray, dark salmon, blue jeans, laurel green, pastel green, ming green, seaweed green, blood red, purple, dandelion, hot pink, bronze, mahogany
  • Sleeve 5: sienna, apricot, orange circuit, granny smith apple, cornflower, flamingo pink, blue gray, sugar cube, shark skin, sandy tan, beige, khaki, plum, coral reef, electric lime, palm leaf, jungle green, robin egg blue, seafoam green, sepia
  • Sleeve 6 Silly Scents: wild berry, pineapple, beach, watermelon, cherry, popcorn, blueberry, root beer, orange, lime, fresh air, ice cream, flower, pine, fruit punch, spice cake, lemon, green apple, cotton candy, marshmallow
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Collecting Information 
This is a great box for collecting.  They come in a box that is easy to keep and store.  I really wish they would print the color names on the sides of the markers.
Boxes: 120 Crayola SuperTips Washable Markers
Other boxes: This is the first 120 count Super Tips Box.
Year: 2019
Purchase Information: Amazon
Where to buy: Amazon
Style Numbers: 58-5120
Code Numbers: 58-5120-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662551209
Manufacturing Location: Vietnam


  1. MarkerManiac8/13/22, 7:00 AM

    Are the 100, non-Silly Scent markers different colors than the 100 Super Tips box?

  2. I just got the markers, and the sleeves don't match up. All of the pinks and reds are grouped together, some of the yellows and greens, some greens and blues are together, blues, purples and a few browns are together and grays and browns are together. Need to match up to get colors right