Stablio Boss Original 23 Highlighters

Stabilo Boss Original highlighters are super popular and I have been dying to try them. The biggest set available is this 23 count set released in 2018 for Stabilo's 50th anniversary. The highlighters are really pretty colors. My only complaint about them is they are super wide and take up a lot of room. The container they come in is super flimsy. I will keep mine in the box so they do not accidently fall all over if they get bumped. There were 4 new colors introduced in this box: cloudy grey, breezy blue, frozen fuchsia, and pale orange. I can not wait to use these more.

Here is all the Color Information. The color names are not on the box, but I found them online and was able to connect them to all of their color name counterparts. There are also individual barcodes on each marker.
Color Information
What's inside the box: 
  • The 14 Pastel Stabilo Boss Highlighter colors are: Pastel Frozen Fuchsia (70/158), Pastel Lilac Haze (70/155), Pastel Breezy Blue (70/111), Pastel Dusty Grey (70/194), Pastel Cloudy Blue (70/112), Pastel Touch of Turquoise (70/113), Pastel Hint of Lime (70/116), Pastel Dash of Lime (70/133), Pastel Milky Yellow (70/144), Pastel Pale Orange (70/144), Pastel Pink Blush (70/129), Pastel Cherry Blossom Pink (70/150), and Pastel Coral Red (70/140).
  • The 9 Fluorescent Stabilo Boss colors are: Lavender (70/55), Lilac Pink (70/58), Blue (70/31), Turquoise Blue (70/51), Green (70/33), Yellow (70/24), Orange (70/54), Pink (70/56), and Red (70/40).
Collecting Information 
This box is collectible because it celebrates the 50 years of highlighters and it was the first time 4 colors were introduced.

Year: 2018
Purchase Information: Blick
Where to buy: Blick.
Part Numbers: 7023-01
UPC Numbers: 4006381565936
Manufacturing Location: Germany

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