Best Toys from Sweet Suite 2022 (Christmas Ideas)

For the first time since 2019 I had the opportunity to go to Sweet Suite in New York City. The past couple years we have had to do it at home because of the pandemic, but this year we got to meet in person. It was so fun to go to New York City and see all the toys in person! In this article I will show you some of my favorite toys from the night. Most of these will be available in the fall if they are not already available.

What event would not be complete without some superheroes? And look how the Marvel characters are with the Justice League characters.

First up is LEGO. LEGO is turning 90 this year. These sets are The Starry Night 21333, 10309 Succulents, 21334 Jazz Quartet. I would love to put together the Starry Night!

Here is 41961 Designer ToolKit Pattern's and 60345 Farmer's Market Van.

And here is 41711 Emma's Art School.

Here are Star Wars 45341 Luke Skywalker's Landspeeder and 76989 Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck.

Here is 71714 Andrea's Theater School.

Here is Pixicade Pets to create a virtual pet universe. Kids can draw their own pets and bring them to life on the mobile device.

Crayola is one of my favorite booths to visit. This year the 64 count box is turning 64! I was so excited to help celebrate.

Here is the Clay Sculpting Station. This is one of my favorites. I love making things out of clay.

This is a new product from Crayola, the washable Pop & Paint. The little paints pop out and then snap into the palette. There is a waterbrush included with the set. I asked if they sold the waterbrush separate because many companies have waterbrushes, but it only comes in the set right now. The waterbrush is idea to use with markers for blending and watercolor painting. Also in could be put into the waterbrush and different colors made etc. The possiblities are endless!

This is the Tie-Dye Color Chemistry Lab Set. It comes with good instructions. This is a nice STEM set that kids can do on their own instead of the parents doing the experiments because they are too complicated for the kids to to. Good job Crayola.

The last playset on display was the Scribble Scrubbie Snow Explorer.

This is the Make It Real booth. they have a lot of fun crafts for kids.

What toy event would not be complete without Pokemon?

Here are the sets available. We have the Pokemon game available in the back. We also go the Elite Trainer Pokemon Go box. My kids can not wait to open it. They have to do some chores first to earn it. :)

Look at the beautiful Pokemon plushies. My kids love the plushies. They are so soft!

Here is Pokemon's construction MEGA sets. They are now adding movement to the construction sets.

Jakks Pacific had Singing dolls from Encanto. I am highly disappointed Luisa was not made into a doll. She had the best song! Well it was a toss up between her and Bruno. I think this was a major misstep. There are also come Chip and Potato plushies.

I was so focused on the Encanto dolls I did not notice the play Target cart. This picture is courtesy of Jakks Pacific.

Nintendo had a lot of cool items including this LEGO Super Mario set. They also had some cool new chairs to sit in while playing.

The Schleich booth was fun to visit. I got to pose as a unicorn with some cool figurines.

Here is the Dinosaurs set from Schleich.

Osmo had a cool booth. We have never had one, but we got one at the show. I can not wait to use it with my daughter.

They also have a new app for Pre K to 3rd grade with BYJU's. These books can be used to interact with the app and the app can also be used standalone. We have been enjoying using it.

One of my favorite surprises at Sweet Suite was a new Disney Trivia from Play Monster. It is about time. I am obsessed with Disney games. I have like 10 themed games. I was always sad the new movies were not included, but now they are! I can not wait to pick this game up.

Here is the Disney Trivia game board.

The next booth was Spin Master. Spin Master always comes out with new and innovative toys.This one is the Hachimals Rainbow-cation.

There are new purse pets that respond to touch.

And even Hello Kitty Purse pets now!

And now there is a new pixels art set that is sealed with water instead of heat!

Magformers are great STEM toys. I love this carnival plus set.

Stick-O's are great for younger kids.

I got to meet Doctor Squish. She has a new Squishy Maker coming out and it looks super fun.

I also visited vtech. They have a Switch & Go Dragon Roadhog that transforms from a car into a dragon.

Here is the dragon.

They also have a KidiZoom Print cam. We have one from a different company and love it.

Hasbro has some cool toys coming out; Play-Doh Ultimate Ice Cream Truck, FurReal Cinnamon My Stylin' Pony, and Baby Alive Princess Ellie.

They also have a Monopoly Travel World Tour.

And my favorite was was the Star Wars Lightsaber Forge from Obi Wan Kenobi and Spider-Man Web Slinger.

Learning Resources has a new Switcheroo Coding Crew game coming out. I think this set is perfect because it combines coding and gives kids and objective to strive for.

Luki Lab has a new set of Pinxies coming out, the Butterfly Hot Air Balloon and Star Wish Tower.

Here they are all assembled, of course my daughter wants them all.

Bandai has a new inter-ACTIVE band coming out. Vital Hero is a band where kids can play, stay active and compete with friends raising Digital Monsters. The daily activity evolves the Digital Monster making them stronger and prompts battles. It can be played solo or with friends.

Look how cute this character is holding the new Toy Story Tamagotchi.

Snorble is a new bedtime and playtime device. It performs educational activities, fun games, songs, storytelling, animal impressions and a bedtime routine. It changes colors depending on the time of day.

We Cool Toys always has lots of cool Slime.

Here is some more slime and craft activities.

Mattel released a new line called Karma's world. The hair is so soft and fun to play with. I think kids will love this line.

Schwinn showed some of the bikes that they have. We bought the Paw Patrol Skye bike for my daughter this year.

The Rank Game is a Toy Fair favorite pick. They have expanded to more packs. We got one if our Swag box I can not wait to play.

Addison Rae is releasing a line of dolls. I am on the fence on this one. She is a Tiktok star and more aligned with teens and early adults. I would not want my kids looking for her content and finding songs with bad words in them. What do you think? Whey did they not choose another famous kid Youtuber instead?

Tonies is one of my favorite bedtime toys for my daughter. She listens to it every night!

And lastly here is me enjoying a party at FAO Schwarz before Sweet Suite, going to the color factory, and celebrating the release of the Art Squad dolls from Just Play.

Color Factory

This is the Camp Store celebrating the release of the Art Squad dolls.

Here I am coloring at the Art Squad event.

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