18 Niji Artist Crayons from Yasutomo

I first discovered Niji Artist Crayons from Yasutomo when i attended Creativation in 2021. This pack has 18 colors, but a clear blender. I have never had a blender for a crayon before. The only thing is the colors do not come with names. I made up my own names for them.

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Here are the names I made up for them, but the swatches for each of the colors. The colors are super pigmented and go down super smooth.

The crayons lay down more like pastels and come in cardboard box with individual spaces for the crayons.
I attempted to blend the red and white together with mixed results. I also tried to blend the green and blue together. It came out a little better. I also scratched off the extra wax at the top of the green blue blend like Rae Dizzle does and it created a fun result.

The colors also draw really well on wood. I have also drawn on rocks with them for really good results. They are not water soluble and will stay on a surface for a long time. Do not accidently draw on them with something :) I bet they would be really good on windows. That can be taken off with window cleaner.

Here is the box information. The do not have an AP symbol yet, but I know they work with the organization and are getting their products tested.


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