New Crayola Products for 2023

 What is new with Crayola for 2023? Toy Fair has been moved to September and is not in February anymore. That is when I usually saw the new toys. This year they did a small event for media that I did not attend. I was however able to gather some pictures of the new products for 2023.

This is not an all inclusive list and many products that only appear in one store, ie Walmart or the Dollar Tree are not publicly released by the PR Team of Crayola at this time.

The pictures provided in this article are provided by Crayola. Blog post contains affiliate links.


One of the new products I am most excited for are Wixels! These are like the pixel bead art, but with markers. Right now there are 4 premade patterns. But anything can be created with these as long as it is pixelated. The design is also washable. That means anything can be created over and over again. These will be coming Spring 2023.

Outdoor Chalk and Stencils

One of the things I am most excited for and have already bought 2 of each color, yes I did as soon as I knew about it is the Super Chalk. The super chalk is a new innovative chalk available in 10 colors. It is shaped like a puck and can be used to draw thick lines with the bottom of the chalk, thin lines with the puck edge of the puck or medium lines with the side of the puck. There are also new stencils coming out and regular chalk is coming back; available in 24, 48 and 64 count sizes.

Silly Scents Smash Ups

I actually already own these. They were available at Walmart last year and have not gotten around to doing a video/blog post about them because I lost them in my art room. I need to add some more shelves. And I keep getting more supplies. :)  And when I found them the new Confetti and Pastel crayons had come out and I got distracted.

The Smash Ups are new scents; Mint Chocolate Chip, Key Lime Pie, Orange Dreamsicle etc. They are available in 12 Washable Markers, 12 Colored Pencils and 20 Dual-Ended markers. They will be available in major retailers. 

Scribble Scrubbie

Crayola introduced Scribble Scrubbies a few years back and have been coming out with new scenes and animals since. This year there will be a Glow-in-the-Dark Ocean Lagoon and Treasure chest, and a Seashell Splash playset. I know my daughters will love these. They bought a whole bunch when we went to the Crayola Experience last year.
Doodle and Draw

This next release has me a bit perplexed. Crayola has tried to catch the tween coloring market over the years and has kept changing the name of the line. For example one year it was Take Note!, another year it was Art with Edge.  I think it is a good idea to branch into this world, but this launch feels like it is marketed to adults with the branding. And Take Note! actually had a pretty good following on TikTok, but they never did anything with that. I thought that branding appealed to tweens more than this line does. 

This year though they have snuck in some brush-chisel tip dual ended markers. These directly compete with Tombow markers and Faber Castell Goldfaber Aqua especially if they carry more colors. The Crayola markers are two different colors on the ends though.  I do not know if that is a bad or good thing. I will check them out and do a review. The newly branded products are; 12 Doodle markers (used to be 24), 12 Dual ended markers (brush and chisel tip), 12 ultra fine point markers, 6 color change markers, and 14 sketch and shade colored pencils. They are good products. I have many of them in other forms.

I think they need to expand on their tween and adult market by labeling their Super Tips markers. People love the Super Tips. I feel if they labeled them it would take them to the next level. And tweens and adults would love this. Also they could make a version of their large boxes tween branded because as a parent I know I would rather get my older kids more big box supplies then my 4 year old.

HD Coloring Kit and Multi-Color Light Board

Remember when I said their were no new products in the Doodle and Draw line? This HD Coloring Kit is in the same branding, but not labeled as such. This kit has black and white photos that can be used to color on. Is the idea new? No. Is it new for Crayola? Yes. I think it is a fun idea for kids to do. It brings the coloring pages to the next level. Would I buy it? Probably not. I can print pictures and have 150 colored pencils my kids can use.

The next toy is the Multi-Color light board. The lights on this board are new.  We have other lightboards from Crayola. My kids use them all the time. The lights glow 10 different colors. I think they would have fun changing the color and see how that affects the colors they drew with. It will be available for the Holidays in 2023. This would be a great holiday gift.

Color Wonder

And last but not least is Color Wonder. Color Wonder has been around for along time. Color Wonder Markers can only be used on a certain paper, a great mess-free product. No more colored on walls or furniture. This year they have some new branded characters and themed sets. They have Bluey and my daughters favorite, Gabby's Dollhouse. They also have a deluxe scented stamper kit. 

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