Best Toys for 2024-Spring Fling Recap

Recently I had the opportunity to attend Spring Fling in New York City put on the the Toy Insider. This is the first kind of it's event put on because we did not have Toy Fair next year. I do not think it will be held next year. What did I see while I was there? A lot of amazing toys, games and Easter basket ideas!

I was able to attend with my daughter and she loved every minute of it!

They had the cutest decorations everywhere!

And lots of Easter basket ideas. 

The picture on the right are great ideas for STEM Easter baskets from Learning Resources and Educational Insights. The basket on the right is Cookeez Makery a sensory toy that pops out a sweet animal treat.

The basket on the left is Nee-doh a great sensory toy for kits. The basket on the right is fingerling birds that will repeat back what is said.

The basket on the left is from Lego and features a botanical themed set. The basket on the right is from Crayola and features some of their specialty crayons, Color Wonder, Scribble Scrubbies and chalk.

One of my favorite games/booths of the night was Hitster The Music Party Game. There are 5 levels of play. The first being to put songs in year order by listening to them and guessing where it would fit in the timeline. Other modes of play include guessing the song title, artist and year it came out. I love this game so much.

I even had my friend Colorvally come over and play with me! She won by the way.

Another favorite of the night was this polaroid camera from Lego. They are also coming out with innovative themed sets.

Another cool toy set that caught my eye was the Learning resources green sets. They are made from recycled plastics and are super colorful and fun for imaginary play.

Another toy that made the list was Star Wars Doorables. Doorables have been around forever, but this is the first time they have done Star Wars!

Here are some of the super rare ones to collect.

Another game that caught my eye was Toss in Tens. I found out the other day I am not that great at Corn hole, but this makes is so much easier and funner to play. I could definitely get on board with this game.

There were lots of fun Crayola products and I will be featuring those soon, but the Washable Pain Pendulum caught my eye. I can not wait to try this in a video. It will be out around the holiday season this year.

I am super impressed with Dr. Lisa dolls. I love the diversity of the collection. There are many more, these are the small dolls.

I am not always the biggest fan of vtech, but this Gabby's Playhouse toy caught my eye. My daughter loves Gabby and would love this toy.

Rubik's is turning 50 this year! They have a lot of products to celebrate. My favorite was this sensory cube they made with different shapes for the different colors.

Honey Bee Acres was there and they have some very cute affordable animal playsets. My favorite was this truck. It retails for about 10 dollars!

I love encouraging my kids to play outside. The Water Eblaster definitely caught my eye. This will be on the list to get for summer toys.

Another toy that was a lot of un was Foil fun. They have a special tacky substance that foil will adhere to when it comes in contact. I really want to experiment with it.

The Fuggler toy takes the cake for the best presentation. These are cute new plush toys coming out. And who can resist Ninja Turtles in a pizza box?

Here is the whole set of Fugglers.

Another toy that caught my eye was from Play Monster. This set is based on the orginal sketches of the Ninja Turtles.

That is all for Spring Fling. What was your favorite toy? Mine was the Hitster game! Until next time!


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    So cool Jenny so much cool Crayola products