Crayola 2014 4 Count Boxes: What's Inside the Box

Crayola has always made 4 count boxes, but in 2014 they came out with a fun line featuring three different boxes. The themes were glitter, Easter and neon crayons. They all have have characters, a picture and a common line with the flying character. I wonder if more of the 2014 line exists. I found the Glitter Crayons boxes at Walmart, and the Easter and Neon Crayons at the the Crayola Kansas City store. Has anyone else found any others? Please let me know, I would love to collect those too.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola 4 Glitter Crayons (2014), Crayola 4 Easter Crayons (2014), Crayola 4 Neon Crayons (2014)
Year: 2014
What's inside the box:
Glitter Crayons: pink, purple, green and blue glitter crayons
Easter Crayons: periwinkle, purple pizzazz, inchworm, robin's egg blue
Neon Crayons: laser lemon, outrageous orange, electric lime and sky blue
Purchase information: Walmart in 2014, Kansas City Crayola Store in 2015
Where to buy: ebay, Crayola Store, Walmart maybe, Amazon
Style Number: 52-4030 (Glitter), 52-4031 (Neon), 52-4032 (Easter)
Code Number: 52-4030-0-200 (Glitter), 52-4031-0-200 (Neon), 52-4032-0-200 (Easter)
UPC: 071662240325 (Glitter), 071662524036 (Neon), 071662240318 (Easter)

2014 Easter Crayons
2014 Easter Crayons, periwinkle, purple pizzazz, inchworm, robin's egg blue

2014 Glitter Crayons

2014 Glitter Crayons, pink, purple, green and blue
(colors are approximate names since they do not have names on the actual crayon wrapper)

2014 Neon Crayons

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