Staonal General Marking Crayon: What's Inside the Box

Guess what is really cool about the Staonal General Marking Crayons?  They have the same name as the original original Crayola crayons from 1902.  I only have one color so far, but I want to get them all.  Cousins Edward Binney and C. Harold Smith, ie the namesakes of Binney & Smith, developed the Staonal crayon in 1902.  Edwin went on later to develop Crayola crayons in 1903. It is so cool it is still around today, at least for now. (Check out the crayon collecting website for a more detailed history.)
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I have the black colors from 2003 and 2013.  I would love to find out when the other boxes were first introduced.  Warning that these markers are not washable.  They are made for permanent marks, for this reason I keep them up high.

Collecting Information
Box: 8 Binney & Smith Staonal General Marking Crayons, Black
Year: 2003, 2013
Other known boxes: Red, the back of the box says many other colors, but I can not find the other colors.  Please let me know if you do.
What's inside the box: Black marking crayon
Purchase information: Crayola Store in 2015
Where to buy: Amazon, or online for now for fairly decent prices. Price really varies by store.
Style Number: 52-0002
Code Number: 52-0002-0-203, 52-0002-0-204
UPC: not on box, 071662200510 (2003), 071662200510 (2013)

2003 8 Staonal General Marking Crayons

2013 8 Staonal General Marking Crayons

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  1. Luckily there are only two colors, Red & Black. Read the back of the box. We constantly use these at construction sites, and new home builds.