Crayola Disney Junior 8 count themed boxes: What's Inside the Box

The Crayola Disney Junior 8 count themed boxes are super cute! They were made in 2014 but were not featured in stores until January 2015. I unfortunately missed the original release of the boxes, and saw them on eBay later.  Luckily a collector friend sent me these.  I hope to find some more, because my daughter kids absolutely love this series of boxes, much more than the original set, of which I have plenty of extras. 

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Collecting Information
8 Count Crayola Doc McStuffins Crayons: Lambie, Doc, Haley
8 Count Crayola Jack and the Neverland Priates Crayons: Izzy and Cubby, Jake, Captian Hook
8 Count Crayola Sophia the First Crayons: Fairies, Sophia, Amber and James
Year: 2014
What's inside the box: 
Doc McStuffins
Lambie-blue violet, cerise, salmon, melon, dandelion, white, gray, mauvelous
Doc-almond, yellow, chesnut, sepia, big dip o' ruby, carnation pink jazzberry jam, plum
Haley-blue, purple heart, purple mountains' majesty, burnt sienna, tumbleweed, lavender, red, inchworm
Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Izzy and Cubby-cerulean, eggplant, red, tickle me pink, chestnut, raw sienna, orange, brown
Jake-goldenrod, sepia, maroon, peach, black, green, granny smith apple, denim
Captian Hook-outer space, periwinkle, turquoise blue, gray, brick red, yellow, apricot, white
Sophia the 1st
Fairies-sky blue, metallic seaweed, light blue glitter, razzmatazz, manatee, peach, granny smith apple, royal purple
Sophia-wisteria, cyber grape, pink glitter, red glitter, chestnut, silver, green, denim
Amber and James-wild strawberry, apricot, metallic sunburst, spring green, fern, midnight blue, light blue glitter, white
Purchase information: friend
Where to buy: eBay and Amazon (Doc McStuffins), Amazon (Sophia), Amazon (Jake), eBay (Doc McStuffins), eBay (Sophia), eBay (Jake)
Style Number: 
52-4376 (Doc McStuffins Crayons), 52-4377 (Sophia the 1st Crayola Crayons), 52-4378 (Jake and the Neverland Pirates Crayola Crayons)
Code Number:
52-4376-0-350 (Doc McStuffins Crayons), 52-4376-0-200 (Lambie Crayons), 52-4376-0-220 (Doc McStuffins), 52-4376-0-240 (Haley)
52-4377-0-350 (Sophia the 1st Crayola Crayons), 52-4377-0-200 (Fairies), 52-4377-0-220 (Sophia), 52-4377-0-240 (Amber and James)
52-4378-0-350 (Jake and the Neverland Pirates Crayola Crayons), 52-4378-0-200 (Izzie and Cubby), 52-4378-0-220 (Jake), 52-4378-0-240 (Captain Hook)
UPC: Doc McStuffins Crayons:
071662043780 (Jack and the Neverland Priates Set)
071662043773 (Sophia the First Set)

8 2014 Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Crayons

8 2014 Disney Junior Jake and the Never Land Pirates Crayons

8 2014 Disney Sophia the 1st Crayons

Back of the set
Sophia the 1st
Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Back of the Disney Junior 8 Pack Boxes
Lambie, Doc McStuffins, Haley the Nurse, Izzy and Cubbie, Jake, Captain Hook, Fairies, Sophia, Amber and James

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