Crayola Drawing Crayon: What's Inside the Box

I received this box of Crayola Rubens Drawing crayons from a friend.  It is my oldest box of Crayola crayons.  The box is incomplete, but I love it.  I love all the little details in it and especially love the old used crayons.

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This Ruben's box is from 1945. What is really neat about this box is it is one of the original boxes, but a later iteration from the early Crayola line up.  The Rubens 24 color boxes were available as early as 1906.  An iteration of this box is no longer available.  I am really happy that I have one of them, even if it is a later iteration.  There are many important items on this box.  Ruben for one and the direction he is looking, on different box iterations he was looking different ways.  This box features, Binney & Smith Company New York on it.  It has the Gold Medal symbol included.

Who was Ruben, the man printed on this box?  He was Sir Peter Paul Rubens, a "Flemish Baroque painter".

Collecting Information
Boxes: 24 Crayola Drawing Crayon, Rubens Twenty-Four Colors
Year: 1945
Other Boxes: there are numerous boxes before this box, here are some of the most early boxes.
What's inside the box: brown, burnt sienna, rose-pink, orange, yellow-orange, gold ochre, yellow, green, dark green, turquoise blue, blue violet, blue, Prussian blue, neutral gray, olive green, white
Purchase information: Gift
Where to buy: eBay
Style Numbers: 24788 10
Code Numbers: none
Patent: Box-Patent No 2006822
UPC: none

 1945 24 Crayola Drawing Crayon, Rubens Twenty-Four Colors

 1945 24 Crayola Drawing Crayon, Rubens Twenty-Four Colors, top and bottom of box

 1945 24 Crayola Drawing Crayon, Rubens Twenty-Four Colors, inside flaps


  1. I wanna know what happened to the prussian blue/midnight blue

    1. Here's all the information on retired colors.

    2. I want the prussian blue crayon so bad

  2. i want prussian blue

  3. When i went on the ebay link it wasnt there it just send me to thr ebay home screen

  4. I want the prussian blue crayon so bad

  5. This is the only place I can find rose pink on the internet, even though I have one!