Crayola Techno Brite Crayons and Markers: What's Inside the Box

The Crayola Techno Brite Crayons box came out in 1997. It is very similar the Hot Fluorescent box that came out years earlier, but the names are all centered around technology. On the back it says, "Try these bright high-tech colors for all your high resolution graphics!! (and your pictures too!).  The crayon names are so funny, floppy yellow, point & click green, www.purple.  They came out when computers were starting to play a major part in everyone's lives, not quite their daily lives yet.  I think we had internet, but it was the super slow  It would take forever to load and would say "You've Got Mail" when you signed in.

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Techno Brite marker pictures in this post by Stacey Hodges.

Crayola also came out with a box of Techno Brite markers. Crayola likes to make boxes of matching crayons and markers.  The main difference with the markers is they were called Cool Shades after Techno Brite. The colors contained in the box would later be used for another box of markers.  I am unsure what the box is called at the moment, but will research it.

These two boxes were introduced in 1997. I think they were introduced to promote the new Crayola website. The website was developed in late 1996. All the boxes made in 1997 included the text, "For more information including Fun Project Ideas, visit the Crayola INTERNET site at:". It is so interesting they made the text in red and they also called it INTERNET instead of website and included the http:// instead of www.

I never bought the Crayola Techno Brite crayons when I was a kid.  I was in high school by that point and probably worried about high school things. And I did not have a lot of money. I wish I would have bought them though and so many more boxes. There are some truly great boxes that came out around that time.  Crayola was experimenting a lot with of different effects with crayons.  I picked up this Canada box from a fellow collector who is selling his entire collection. I wish I had the money and the room to buy his whole collection.

Collecting Information
Both of these boxes are very collectible and hard to find.
Boxes: 16 Count Crayola Techno Brite Box, 10 count Techno Brite Cool Shades Markers
Year: 1997
Other Boxes: there is at least on more box of markers because the code number is  -201
What's inside the box: 
megahertz maroon, ultra violet, plug & play pink, infra red, cyber space orange, on-line orange, transistor yellow, floppy yellow, world wide web yellow, point & click green,, circuit board green, graphic green, web surfin' blue, megabyte blue, www.purple
ultra violet, radioactive royal, battery charged blue, graphic green, electric lime, laser lemon, orange circuit, megabyte magenta, hot pink, infra red
Purchase Information: Bought from a fellow collector, Stacy bought hers when she was young
Where to buy: eBay (crayons)
Style Numbers: 52-4916 (crayons), 58-7725 (markers)
Code Numbers: 52-4916-0-200 (crayons), 58-7725-0-201 (markers)
UPC: 071662049164 (crayons), 071662077259 (markers)

1997 16 Techno Brite Crayons

1997 Techno Brite Markers

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  1. im curious of what the color looks like on paper because they always look different when actually drawn with