Crayola Doodle 4 Google 64 Count Box: What's Inside the Box

In 2012 Crayola partnered with Google and the New York Public library in the Doodle 4 Google contest.  The theme was "If I could travel in time I'd visit...".   Dylan Hoffman's (Grade 2 from Caledonia, Wisconsin) pirate's design won this year. He won trip a to NYC, a $30,000 scholarship, $50,000 grant to a computer lab, a Wacom table, and a t-shirt with their design. He design also appear on this box 64 box of Crayola crayons.  The Google 4  Doodle contest is going on this year too.  The voting is open from February 5 to February 22, 2016. 

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This box was sold at Walmart, at least that is where I found it. It appeared in the stores for pretty much that whole year.  It is not a unique style number, it is the -0064 style number.  I love it so much.  How lucky was Dylan to have his art featured on a box of Crayola crayons? The only thing I do not like about this box is the top of the box and bottom of the back panel.  They feature the Story Studio.  I do not have anything against the website or idea, I just do not like the look of it on the box of crayons.  Maybe it is too commercial.  I much prefer the new big box design Crayola came out with in 2014.  It is a super fun box featuring Tip and friends.

Collecting Information
Boxes: Doodle 4 Google 2012 Winner! Crayola 64 Crayons
Year: 2012
Other Boxes: this is the only Doodle 4 Google box
What's inside the box: 
Coming soon
Purchase Information: Walmart
Where to buy: eBay or Amazon
Style Numbers: 52-0064
Code Numbers: 52-0064-0-228
UPC: 071662000646
Manufacturing Location: USA

2012 64 Doodle 4 Google Crayons

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