Crayola Pick Your Pack Coloring Books

In 2012 Crayola tested the market with Pick Your Pack crayons.  In 2014 the last year they have come out with new boxes they introduced three coloring books only sold at Target; Glitter & Shimmer, Rainbow Magic and Dino Treasure.  These books were very hard to find, I had to check about 3 Targets to find them. I am so happy to have them in my collection.  They are not selling them anymore and they go perfect with the crayon boxes.

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Here is a little trivia, Metallic Magic and Super Heroic were never sold as Pick Your Pack boxes, but they have a Pick Your Pack symbol on the bottom left on the coloring books.

Collecting Information
Books: Crayola Pick Your Pack Coloring Book with 25 Special Effects Stickers
Year: 2014
Other Boxes: There may be one more book
What's inside the box: Glitter & Shimmer, Rainbow Magic, Dino Treasure
Purchase Information: Target
Where to buy: eBay
ISBN Numbers: 1-4530-1867-0 (Dino Treasure), 1-4530-1866-2 (Glitter & Shimmer), 1-4530-1865-4 (Rainbow Magic)
UPC Numbers: 9781453018675 (Dino Treasure), 9781753018668 (Glitter & Shimmer), 9781453018651 (Rainbow Magic)
Style Numbers: none
Code Numbers: none
UPC: 9781453018668 (Glitter & Shimmer),9781453018651 (Rainbow Magic), 9781453018675 (Dino Treasure)

2014 Crayola Dino Treasure Pick Your Pack Coloring Book

2014 Crayola Glitter & Shimmer Pick Your Pack Coloring Book

2014 Crayola Rainbow Magic Pick Your Pack Coloring Book

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