Crayola Take-Along Tissues

These Crayola Take-Along Tissues were available for 1 dollar each in the Target Dollar Spot during back to school time in 2015.  I loved the design of the packaging.  My son loved it too and opened on of the packages.  I was sad, but I am so glad I got pictures of them before he did that.  These tissues are not made by Crayola, they outsource a lot of their merchandise.  The tissues were plain white once out of the packaging.

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Collecting Information
Merchandise: 3-Pack Crayola Take-Along Tissues
Year: 2015
Other: There are other tissues Crayola has released
What's inside the box: 10 2-ply white facial tissues, 30 total
Purchase Information: Target Dollar Spot
Where to buy: eBay or Varage Sale
Part Numbers: CRY10112
Manufacturer: MZB Accessories
UPC Numbers: 692237085884 for both

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