3 Count Crayola Trolls Pipsqueaks Markers: What's Inside the Box

Crayola has started making licensed character themed pip squeak markers to go along with movies and popular toys. I am so glad they made some boxes for the Troll's movie.  The boxes includes 3 markers and each marker has a different character from the movie. This makes the markers very fun and unique for kiddos. Kids really do look at the marker they are coloring with.  These markers are usually a little pricey, but there are usually deals to make them a little cheaper at Michael's where they been. This set did not come out at Toy's R Us, but did come out at Michaels. Some of the others have been at Toy's R Us.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 3 Trolls Crayola Themed Pipsqueak Markers, Biggie and Poppy
Year: 2016
What's inside the box: Poppy: Grasshopper Green (Copper), Jelly Bean Blue (Harper), Baby Bunny Pink (Poppy)
Biggie: Grape (Branch), Sweet Pea Green (Fuzzbert), Itty Bitty Blue (Biggie)
Purchase Information: Michaels
Where to buy: Joann or Michaels
Style Numbers: 58-5221 (Poppy), 58-5220 (Biggie)
Code Numbers: 58-5221-0-300 (Poppy), 58-5220-0-300 (Biggie)
UPC Numbers: 071662152208 (Biggie), 071662152215 (Poppy)
Manufacturing Location: China

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