Crayola Colour Bursts and Color Mix-Up Crayons: What's Inside the Box and History

I love collecting specialty Crayola Crayons.  These are the Colour Bursts and Color Mix-Up's from 1997.  They were called Colour Bursts in Canada and Color Mix-Up's in the US. There are three colors in every crayon.  I am looking on finding the patent information for these crayons. The Color Mix-Up box and picture is from Stacy Hodges collection.  I love the unique names of the crayons on the wrappers such as: shrimp and cocktail, baby's blanket.

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It is interesting to note that the code numbers on the the Color Mix-Up's are 200W and the Colour Bursts 235.  235 was the designation for Canada. The US versions of the crayons also contain the crayon color combination, whereas the Canadian version contains the french name of the crayon)

Collecting Information
Both of these are very rare.
Boxes: 16 Color Mix-Up Crayola crayons, 16 Colour Burst Crayola Crayons
Year: 1997
What's inside the box: 
Color Mix-up Crayons: magenta mix up (lavender, blue, maroon), warm and fuzzy (pink, orange, blue), baby's blanket (pink, blue, green), shrimp cocktail (white, orange, maroon), blazing bonfire (yellow, orange, red), yellow lime zing (yellow, green, blue), mixed veggies (yellow, green, brown), rainforest (forest green, dark blue, royal blue), stone washed (sky blue, denim, maroon), cool and crazy white, royal purple, blue green), surfs up (white, pacific blue, yellow), peaches 'n cream (white, peach, yellow), star spangled banner (white, orange, dark blue), southwest (white, orange, dark blue), twister (white, green, orange), off-road (tumbleweed, denim, maroon)
Color Burst Crayons: twister, southwest, star spangled banner, cool and crazy, surf's up, peaches 'n cream, shrimp cocktail, baby's blanket, warm and fuzzy, magenta mix up, blazing bonfire, mixed veggies, lemon lime zing, rainforest, stonewashed, off-road
Purchase Information: eBay
Where to buy: eBay (Color Mix-Ups)-may not be available, eBay (Colour Bursts)-may not be available
Style Numbers: 52-3616 (Color Burst and Color Mix-up)
Code Numbers: 52-3616-0-200 (Color Mix-up), 52-3616-0-235 (Color Burst)
UPC Numbers: 071662035167 (Color Mix-up), 063652361608 (Color Burst)
Manufacturing Location: USA

1997 Colour Bursts Crayons (left), 1997 Color Mix-Up (right)
1997 Color Mix-Up Crayons

1997 Colour Bursts Crayons

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