Crayola Crayon Factory Review: What's Inside the Box

I was given the Crayola Crayon Factory by Crayola in exchange for an honest review.  I do not know if it will surprise you, but I also own the original Crayola Crayon Maker and a Crayola Paint Maker. I will be putting those on the blog soon.   I love the latest iteration of the crayon maker. This one is so much easier to use than the original, requires less steps, is smaller, and creates less of a mess.  The crayons are placed in the top of the device, a mold is placed in the melting chamber, and a button is pushed to start the process. Easy as that. The old crayon maker had to have a special light bulb to work. It took me a few months to find the light bulb, and then the crayons could only be made into other crayons shapes that were half the size of regular crayons.

This toy is very useful for teaching children.  It teaches them principles about color blending, recycling of old crayons and different states of matter.  Here is the video of the crayons we made with the Crayon Factory.

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The crayons from the Crayola Crayon factory can be made into cars, hearts, and puppies.  Here are the crayons we made.

The only drawback I see is there are only three shapes that can be made and they are small. What would be really cool is if more shapes or even custom shapes could be made and more than one at a time.  I could see this being widely popular.  There are so many people that love making their own crayons. But being an engineer I know that molds are one of the hardest and costliest things about production.  For each crayon, there needs to be a unique mold. Unique molds would be costly, but if they were cool designs people would probably buy them. They made molds for the Melt n' Mold Factory.  I hope they make some for this especially since we have one now. I know my kids will love it.

Would I recommend this product?  Yes I certainly would.  It is a vast improvement over the old Crayon Maker and very easy to use.  My kids loved making all the crayons and want to make more already.  We will definitely buy more molds if they come out.

Here is the collecting information.

Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Crayon Factory
Other Boxes: Melt 'n Mold Factory, Crayon Maker
Year: 2016
What's inside the box: 
Crayon Factory, 3 molds (Car, Heart, Puppy), 8 Crayons, Crayon Wrapper Ripper, Transformer
Purchase Information: Product provided by Crayola for review
Where to buy: Amazon, Target etc
Style Numbers: 74-7211
Code Numbers: 74-7211-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662072117
Patent Information: Crayon maker: US 6902387 B2
Manufacturing Location: Factory is made in China, the crayons in the US.

2016 Crayola Crayon Factory

2016 Crayola Crayon Factory-Top of Box

2016 Crayola Crayon Factory-Side and Back
2016 Crayola Crayon Factory-Bottom


  1. It's an awesome product! But very hard to find in stores when I did find it I found it at family Dollar in Ohio at $9 a box now they don't have any and I cannot find any anywhere else except for online at $15 a box which sucks because I have seven children and it was much cheaper to be able to get it at $9 a box!

    1. We love ours but it did eventually break.

  2. When my son started school....Kindergarten would have been 1993, Crayola gave the kids a little came apart each piece was a different colour...I think it was for the kids to use the pieces to colour with. It was such a cute little car, I tried to protect it....I'd put it up, a little out of their of the little pieces broke...a couple of days ago I came across the little's missing the trunk and the little broken piece....I'm not sure if it was Grade one...they gave out those little could be 1993 or 1994...I did a search I put in Crayola Car hoping I'd find it........I did see a car that were made in 1903.....they would be made from there anyway you would bring that little car back? I think I liked it better than my kids. I wish all the pieces were still there....I could have given it to my son at 34.