Crayola Pocket Notebook

I do not remember where I got the Pocket notebook from Crayola. The notebook contains lined paper and is the shape of an artist's easel, with paint splotches on the front. My daughter has claimed it as her own and she loves it.  She carries it around with her. The notebook is very cute and shaped like an artist's easel. It was not made by Crayola, but by Martin Designs.  Crayola often outsources some of products.  They let other companies use their logo.  This makes a lot of sense because they are not experts in the fields they outsource. 

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Collecting Information
Items: Crayola Pocket Notebook, 64 Sheets
Manufacturer: Martin Designs
Year: 2004
What's inside the box: 64 lined paged notebook
Purchase Information: unknown
Where to buy: eBay
UPC Numbers: 807730081015
Manufacturing Location: China

2004 Back of the Notebook

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