Colors of Washington DC Crayola Crayons: What's Inside the Box

Crayola made a line of crayons in 2002 called the Colors of Baltimore and made of box called Colors of Washington DC in 2004.  These crayons featured all the iconic Washington DC items such as the White House and the cherry blossoms, that are so gorgeous in the spring.  The boxes releases coincided with the opening of the Crayola Works at the Arundel Mills mall in Hanover, Maryland. It opened in June 21, 2002 and closed in 2004.  It was the precursor to Crayola Experience which is now has locations in Easton, Pennsylvania, Orlando, Florida, and the Mall of America.  It was created because the Crayon Factory and Crayola tours in Easton Pennsylvania were so popular.  I heard there was a 2 year waiting list to go on a tour the Crayola factory.  They do not allow tours anymore.  It is my dream to tour it someday.

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This box was made in 2004 and celebrated George W Bush's presidency.  It was made before Hurricane Katrina after September 11, 2001.  George Bush was still popular at the time it was made.  It was a time in American History when many people were very patriotic because they were banding together over the terrible tragedies that occurred in the United States of America.  I imagine that is why they made this box.  The back of the box features the Bush's animals.  They did not include his cow, probably because the cow lived in Texas. The animals on the back were their dogs, Spot "Spotty" Fetcher an English Springer Spaniel, who was actually born in the White House when George H W Bush was president, Barney a Scottish Terrier and India "Willie" an indoor cat.

It is interesting that some names are capitalized and some are not on the color names. The box also does not contain a UPC code, something abnormal for 2000's boxes.  I love the wrappers on these crayons with the US flag.  As history goes the websites on the box and the wrapper are now obsolete. is no more probably because it was all about President Bush, and redirects to probably because it closed.  

Collecting Information
Boxes: Colors of Washington DC Crayola crayons (George Bush edition)
Other boxes: This is the first box for a US president. I hope they come out with more for other presidents. There was a previous box called Colors of Washington DC
Year: 2004
What's inside the box: cherry blossom, rockets red glare, presidential seal gold, U.S. Mint, monument gray, liberty blue, Lincoln penny, White House
Purchase Information: eBay
Where to buy:  eBay
Style Numbers: 52-1480
Code Numbers: 52-1480-0-200
UPC Numbers: none
Manufacturing Location: USA
Artist: Claire Stoner who was also the artist for the 2002 Easter Egg Roll

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