Crayola Paint Brushes: What's Inside the Box

I bought the Crayola Paint Flat brushes to go with the Crayola paint we have because my son loves to paint! We ended up not needing them right now and using some others because I bought another paint kit at Target that had brushes in it too that was on clearance.  I love the different sizes of the paint brushes. These ones are flat and will produce smooth lines when used. The side of the brush can be used for detail work.  It is useful to have the different sizes to do different sized brush strokes.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: 4 Crayola Paint Brushes
Other Boxes: This is the -352 code number, there are probably a lot more out there, maybe over 50
Year: 2015
What's inside the box: 4 paint brushers, of different sizes, in size order, blue, gree, red, purple
Purchase Information: Crayola Store in Kansas City, Missouri and Target
Where to buy: Amazon or eBay
Style Numbers: 05-3520
Code Numbers: 05-3520-0-352
UPC Numbers: 071662535209
Manufacturing Location: China

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