96 Count Crayons Tin: What's Inside the Tin

I fell in love with the 96 crayon holder tin when I saw it. The metal tin looks like a 64 crayon crayon box, and even has a crayon sharpener.  The whole box comes apart, the top comes off to put in crayons and the bottom to empty the crayon shavings.  Unfortunately a 96 crayon box will not fit inside.  I use it to store my smaller 4 count boxes. This box is made by the The Tin Company, a company that makes a lot of Crayola's tins.

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Collecting Information
This crayon tin is collectible even though Crayola did not directly make it.  The Tin Box Company makes many of Crayola's liscensed tins.
Merchandise: 96 Crayons Tin
Other boxes:
Year: 2014
What's inside the box: Space for 96 crayons and a crayon sharpener
Purchase Information: Crayola Store in Kansas City
Where to buy: eBay or Amazon
Lot Number: 10171420667
UPC Numbers: 078678181000
Manufacturer: Tin Box Company
Manufacturing Location: Dongguan, China

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