Goodbye to Crayola's Dandelion crayon

It is officially time to say goodbye to Crayola's Dandelion.  On March 30, 2017 Crayola announced that it would be retiring Dandelion. They had been teasing for a few days they were retiring a color.  They had everyone #ShareYourFave and guess #WhosLeaving.  The only hint they gave was it came from the 24 pack of crayons.  My honest opinion was that it was going to be Green Yellow.  Green Yellow is not very bright and I just do not use it much.  

Crayola was meaning to announce during a live stream from Times Square. (I wish I could have gone to.  That would have been my dream come true) But someone found a special box at Target with the name of the color being retired. They posted it on Twitter.  (I will post as soon as I get one.) It is hard to hide such big news, but it is a shame they posted it online.
What is Dandelion's history? 

Dandelion was first introduced in 1990 in the 64 crayon box.  That year they retired blue gray, green blue, lemon yellow, maize, orange red, orange-yellow, raw umber and violet blue.  They added the colors cerulean, dandelion, fuchsia, jumble green, royal purple, teal blue, vivid tangerine, and wild strawberry. (Info found on  That year also marked the beginning decade of some amazing crayon boxes; Hot Fluorescent, Silver Swirls, GemTones, Metallic, Changeables, Star Brite, Magic Scent, Colour Bursts, and Pearl Brite to name a few.

Dandelion Retirement Tour

Crayola sent me this huge Dandelion crayon and Dandelion's Retirement Tour 2017 box.  I am so grateful to them.  My son and daughter loved the crayon and want to color with it so bad.

Dandelion is going on a retirement tour in April 2017.  Here are the dates so far. 
  • April 1-Times Square | New York City, NY
  • April 6-Orlando Crayola Experience | Orlando, FL
  • April 13-The CN Tower | Toronto, ON
  • April 21-The Crayola Experience | Easton, PA
  • April 23-Coca-Cola Minor League Baseball Stadium | Allentown, PA
  • April 24-The Crayola Factory | Easton, PA
Collecting Information

Last but not least, here is the collecting information for what Crayola sent me.

Boxes: Dandelion Retirement Tour 2017 Crayola My Way Box, 15 Inch, 2 pound Crayola Dandelion Crayon
Other boxes: 2 pound crayon comes in Cornflower, Peace Love Purple, Freshly Squeezed, Candy Apple, Night Owl, Electric Lime, So Pink N So Cute, Sunny Side Up
Year: Dandelion Box (2017), Dandelion Crayon (2014)
What's inside the box/Color List: 
One 2lb Dandelion Crayon, Standard Colors in 64 box
Purchase Information: Gift from Crayola
Where to buy: 
Style Numbers: 52-9164 (Dandelion Box), 52-MEGA (2 lb Crayon)
Code Numbers: 52-9164-B-000 (Dandelion Box), 52-Mega-0-200 (2 lb Crayon)
UPC Numbers: 071662191641 (Dandelion Box), None (2 lb Crayon)
Manufacturing Location: USA

2017 Dandelion's Retirement Tour Box
2014 Crayola Mega Crayon-Dandelion