Crayola Art with Edge Coloring Books and Markers: What's Inside the Box

I am so excited to share with you all the information about the Art With Edge Coloring Books. I received these books and markers from Crayola in exchange for an honest review. Art With Edge includes: coloring books, loose coloring pages, markers and colored pencils. They are aimed at the tween and teen market. There is a lot of variety in the books making them appeal to many different people, super heroes, fantastic beast, zombies, skulls, and fun sayings. My kids (4 and 6) and I really liked the books and had so much fun coloring them. To see our review of the books click here.

Here are the pages I colored from the Say What?, Fantastic Beasts, and Justice League books.

Collecting Information
The markers I was given are black with the Art with Edge Logo on them.
Books& Boxes: 
Markers: 12 Count Crayola Art With Edge Wedge Markers, 20 Count Crayola Art With Edge Thick & Thin Markers
Coloring Books
2016 Art With Edge-Say What?, 2016 Art With Edge-Zombie Daze, 2016 Art With Edge,-Sugar Skulls, 2016 Art With Edge-Batman Collection, 2017 Art With Edge-Fantastic Beasts, 2016 Art With Edge-Justice League
Other Books & Boxes: 
Art Supplies-16 Color FX Pencils, 8 Glitter Markers
Coloring Books
Art with Edge-Geoscapes Set, Art with Edge-Graffiti, Art with Edge-Naturescapes Set, Art with Edge-Nickelodeon 90's, Art with Edge-Ridiculousness, Art with Edge-Slick Pics Set
What's Inside the Box: Colors not named :( Maybe one day they will name all their markers.
Purchase Information: Received from Crayola
Where to buy: Any place that sells Crayola Products
Style Numbers: 04-0027 (Bold & Fearless), 04-0027 (Art With Edge-Say What?,) 04-0032 (Art With Edge-Zombie Daze), 04-0031 (Art With Edge,-Sugar Skulls), 04-0025 (Art With Edge-Batman Collection), 04-0017 (Art With Edge-Fantastic Beasts), 04-0026 (Art With Edge-Justice League), 58-8187 (12 Count Markers), 58-7212 (20 Count Markers), 58-8618 (Glitter Markers), 68-1015 (Colored Pencils)
Code Numbers: 04-0027-0-960 (Bold & Fearless), 04-0027-0-960 (Art With Edge-Say What?,) 04-0032-0-960 (Art With Edge-Zombie Daze), 04-0031-0-960 (Art With Edge,-Sugar Skulls), 04-0025-0-960 (Art With Edge-Batman Collection), 04-0017-0-960 (Art With Edge-Fantastic Beasts), 04-0026-0-960 (Art With Edge-Justice League), 58-8187-0-250 (12 Count Markers), 58-7212-0-250 (20 Count Markers), 58-8618-0-250 (Glitter Markers), 68-1016-0-700 (Colored Pencils)
UPC Numbers: 071662100278 (Bold & Fearless), 071662100278 (Art With Edge-Say What?,) 071662200329 (Art With Edge-Zombie Daze), 071662300319 (Art With Edge,-Sugar Skulls), 071662200251 (Art With Edge-Batman Collection), 071662201173  (Art With Edge-Fantastic Beasts), 071662400262 (Art With Edge-Justice League), 071662081874 (12 Count Markers), 071662172121 (20 Count Markers), 071662086183 (Glitter Markers), 071662510169 (Colored Pencils)
IBSN Numbers: 978-0-9967102-5-1 (Bold & Fearless), 978-0-9967102-5-1 (Art With Edge-Say What?,) 978-0-9967102-8-2 (Art With Edge-Zombie Daze), 978-0-9967102-7-5 (Art With Edge,-Sugar Skulls)
Manufacturing Location: USA (Coloring Books & 20 Count Markers), Malaysia (12 Count Markers), Brazil (Colored Pencils), China (Glitter Markers)

2016 Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Book-Say What?
2016 Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Book-Sugar Skulls

2016 Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Book-Zombie Daze

2017 Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Pages-Fantastic Beasts
2016 Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Book-Batman
2016 Crayola Art With Edge Coloring Book-Justice League
2016 Crayola Art With Edge 12 Count Wedge Markers

2016 Crayola Art With Edge 20 Count Thick & Thin Markers

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