Crayola Target (including Target Red) and Walmart Crayons: What's Inside the Box

I have been searching for the Crayola Target Red and Walmart 8 count boxes for a while now. The Target Red box features a very unique crayon color called Target Red. The Walmart box does not feature any unique colors, but is one of the first time that Crayola started to do themed boxes, something they love to do now. I picked these up on eBay. I think Target sponsored this box and sold it in stores. The next year Walmart did the same. I bet it was to keep up with Target. This sort of thing also happened when Crayola released the Pick Your Pack boxes at Target. They released them at Target the first year. The within a couple years there were new boxes and Walmart also had their own assortment of boxes. I personally liked the Walmart line of boxes better. I like that they feature the color of the crayon combinations on the box.

During these years crayola did a lot of corporate sponsored boxes with unique color names. In the 2010's they have switched to movie and themed boxes. I think this is a smart move because it is more applicable to kids.

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Collecting Information 
I wonder if these are the original crayons in the Walmart box. The thing that makes me skeptical is they are different wrapper types. I have not seen a box of crayons with different wrapper types unless they were a different kind of crayon. These wrapper types signify different years in Crayola's history.
Boxes: Target 8 count Crayons with Target Red crayon, Walmart 8 count Crayons
Other boxes: 
Year: 2004 (Target), 2005 (Walmart)
What's inside the box: Target Box: Target Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet (purple), brown, black, Walmart Box: blue green, periwinkle, denim, midnight blue, blue, cerulean, cornflower, blue violet
Purchase Information: eBay
Where to buy: eBay (Target Box), eBay (Walmart Box)
Style Numbers: 52-3008 (Target Box), 52-2096 (Walmart Box)
Code Numbers: 52-3008-0-200 (Target Box), 52-2096-0-200 (Walmart Box)
UPC Numbers: no UPC
Manufacturing Location: USA

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  1. I think the ones inside the Wal-Mart box were originals. This was during the transition period from the 1999 wrapper design (midnight blue, denim) to today's design in 2005.