1955 Crayola Vintage Green Jumbo Crayons: What's Inside the Box

The Crayola Gold Medal Drawing No. 33 Crayons are some of Crayola's earliest attempts at Jumbo/Large crayons. These crayon types were designated by the No. 33 in the title. They were packaged in this box until 1987. They came packaged 12 of the same color. It is interesting to note that the crayons say BINNEY & SMITH CO. while the box says BINNEY & SMITH INC. I think these were made in New York before the company moved to Easton. Now a days the jumbo crayons are made in Mexico.

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Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Drawing Crayons No. 33 One Dozen Sticks
Other boxes: 1961, 1966, 1970, 1975, 1981, 1978, 1984 box types. There are boxes of assorted colors. The colors were green and yellow.
Year: 1955
What's inside the box: 12 Jumbo Green Crayons
Purchase Information: eBay
Where to buy:  eBay
Style Numbers: none
Code Numbers: none
UPC Numbers: none
Manufacturing Location: USA

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