Halloween Crayola Markers and Crayons

In 2001 Crayola released a line of crayons and markers that were Halloween themed. The markers were stamp markers and included; purple spider, black cats, red pumpkins and orange half moons. There were three crayons available, monster green, glowing eyes yellow and midnight green. There was not a lot of variety in colors or colors or shapes. But there were three new crayon colors. 

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On back of the markers bag Crayola advertised their website and said there were project ideas. It said keyword: Halloween, probably meaning put that into the search bar. Then Log on to find... Now a days that sounds like entering a password, but Crayola was just explaining how to navigate their website. It is interesting to see how internet lingo has changed in the past little while.
Collecting Information
Boxes: 3 Crayola Halloween Crayons, 18 Marker Treat Pack MiniStampers markers
Other boxes: none known
Year: 2001
What's inside the box:  
crayons: monster green, glowing eyes yellow, midnight green
markers: 6 purple spiders, 6 black cats, 3 red pumpkins, 3 orange half moons
Purchase Information: eBay
Where to buy:  eBay
Style Numbers: 52-0749 (crayons), 58-1977 (markers)
Code Numbers: 52-0749-0-963 (crayons), 58-1977-0-990 (markers)
UPC Numbers: 071662019778 (markers), none (crayons)
Manufacturing Location: USA

2001 3 Crayola Halloween Crayons   

2001 Crayola Halloween Markers 

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