Crayola 120 Count Crayons: What's Inside the Box

Overview and Review
The 120 count Crayola box of crayons is a dream come true for any child or adult. There are so many colors inside the box. When I was young I would sort all my crayons in color order over and over again. I still love sorting crayons in color order over and over again. My kids love doing it too. I recently gave my daughter a box of 120 crayons. She even takes them outside to color with friends. I would definitely recommend sorting in color order to make it easy find the color needed. I love that these boxes have come down a lot in price too. It definitely makes them more affordable.

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Color Information
What's inside the box: 
red, melon, scarlet, yellow orange, orange, banana mania, dandelion, yellow, canary, green yellow, yellow green, sky blue, indigo, cerulean, cadet blue, blue violet, violet (purple), wisteria, peach, apricot, chestnut, tan, desert sand, beaver, raw sienna, sepia, tumbleweed, brown, burnt orange, bittersweet, burnt sienna, shadow, gold, antique brass, copper, timberwolf, silver, black, white, piggy pink, carnation pink, tickle me pink, pink flamingo, cotton candy, pink sherbet, magenta, red violet, blush, violet red, fuzzy wuzzy, sunset orange, green, fern, mountain meadow, caribbean green, aquamarine, blue green, blue, blue bell, outerspace, vivid violet, purple heart, eggplant, salmon, lavender, mauvelous, wild strawberry, mahogany, red orange, macaroni and cheese, goldenrod, spring green, granny smith apple, sea green, spring green, granny smith apple, sea green, olive green, turquoise green, cornflower, purple mountains' majesty, violet, fuchsia, cerise, jazzberry jam, purple pizzazz, maroon, brick red, razzmatazz, radical red, hot magenta, razzle dazzle rose, shocking pink, wild watermelon, mango tango, outrageous orange, neon carrot, vivid tangerine, atomic tangerine, sunglow, unmellow yellow, laser lemon, almond, electric lime, inchworm,  screamin' green, asparagus, forest green, pine green, shamrock, jungle green, tropical rain forest, wild blue wonder, robin's egg blue, pacific blue, periwinkle, manatee, midnight blue, denim, plum, royal purple
Where to buy: Amazon (120 crayons), eBay (120 crayons), Currently available at any place that sells Crayola products

Collecting Information
Boxes: 120 Crayola Crayons
Year: 2014
Purchase Information: Target in 2015
Where to buy: Amazon (64 crayons), Amazon (96 crayons), Amazon (120 crayons), eBay (64 crayons), eBay (96 crayons), eBay (120 crayons), Currently available at any place that sells Crayola products, prices may differ
Style Number: 120 Crayon Colors (52-6920)
Code Number: 120 Crayon Colors (52-6920-0-213)
UPC: 071662069209 (120 crayons)
Manufacturing Location: USA
2014 120 Crayon Colors


  1. What a nice box of Crayola Crayons!

  2. very nice, and it's kinda weird for me because i collect crayons and i have never heard of purple pizzazz or screaming green.

  3. As an artist, I prefer the 120 count over the 152 count. The extra 32 are just gimmick crayons anyway that I don’t like to use. :P

    1. glitter ones are harder to draw with for sure.

  4. I brought these last month and dandelion wasn't there I think it got replaced with bluetiful

  5. We need Infinite Crayon box

  6. litterally