Crayola 50 Pip Squeaks Washable Markers: What's Inside the Box

Overview and Review 
 What do I think of the Crayola Telescoping Mini Marker Tower, 50 Pipsqueaks markers? I think the markers are super fun for kids. There are fifty different markers in fun named different shades. My kids absolutely love pip-squeaks. They love the names, they love how small they are. The newer versions of pip-squeak markers have a character on the side. My kids love how playful and fun they are.

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Color Information and Color List
Crayola threw out their color naming rule book when naming the Pip-Squeak markers. In the early days of Crayola they named colors from dictionary words. This is not so with the Pip-Squeaks, they have many fun names, copper penny, baby lime, grasshopper green etc.
Boxes: Crayola Telescoping Mini Marker Tower, 50 Pipsqueaks markers
What's inside the box: toy poodle black, leaf green, baby lime, sweet pea green, fuzzy duckling yellow, little lemon, canary yellow, brass button, tiny teapot tan, golden nugget, orange butterfly, honey suckle, puppy beige, cherry blossom, tiny tangerine, cherry red, firefly red, raspberry squirt, baby bunny pink, dinky pink, petal pink, parrot pink desert flower, petite rose, grasshopper green, mini brown, copper penny, tiny toad brown, turtle bronze, sapling beige, kitten gray, pussy willow, denim patch, sweet violet, grape, parakeet blue, tiny plum, little boy blue, blue berry blue, rain drop blue, blue jay, jelly bean blue, sea horse green, teensy teal, bettle green,  leprechaun green, brussel sproutlet, baby fir green
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Collecting Information
I had never opened this in all the years I had it, because it was wrapped in plastic. I decided to open it so I could find out what colors were inside.
Year: 2007
Other boxes: This is the first one, there is a newer one that has a different pipsqueak design.
Style Numbers: 58-8750
Code Numbers: 58-8750-0-201
UPC Numbers: 071662087500
Manufacturing Location: China

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  1. Hello..Thanks for the info very helpful . I just wanted to point out there are 2 colors missing on the big markers polka dot pink and itty bitty blue. And 1 missing on the skinny markers but idk which one i dont have all of those so i cant narrow it down. Thats all