Silly Putty: Super Bright and Original

I am so excited to get a post about Silly Putty on my website! Before slime was a thing Silly Putty was all the rage. Silly Putty has been around since World War II when it was discovered by accident. Scientists were trying to make a rubber substitute but came up with Silly Putty instead.

Silly Putty contains a viscoelastic liquid giving it all it's unique properties. When formed into a ball it will bounce, but it left for a long time it will become a puddle. Back in the day it would replicate ink from newspapers before the newspapers changed the type of ink they used. Putty can be used to play with, but it has many more uses. It can be used for removing link and dirt from surfaces, for help with physical therapy, to reduce stress, modeling items.

This year Crayola is introducing a new character, Nugget along on their Silly Putty boxes. He is a sassy and smart chicken. They have introduced Super Bright, Silly Putty XL, Silly Putty Super Bounce, Silly Scents Mix Em's, and Silly Putty Ugly Putty Poop in 2019.

Here are two boxes of Silly Putty, Super Bright and Original.

This post contains affiliate links. I received these products from Crayola.

Collecting Information
Crayola has owned the rights to produce and make Silly Putty since Peter Hodgson, the original marketer died in 1976.
Boxes: Silly Putty Super Bright Orange
Year: 2018
Style Numbers: 08-0313 (original putty), 08-0315 (super bright putty)
Code Numbers: 08-0313-0-302 (original putty), 08-0315-0-301 (super bright putty)
UPC Numbers: 071662203139 (original putty), 071662203153 (super bright putty)
Manufacturing Location: USA
Where to buy: ebay or Amazon or any places that sells Crayola products.
Patent: US2431878A: Treating dimethyl silicone polymer with boric oxide

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