Basic Invite Website Review

I am really excited to review Basic Invite. Basic Invite is a website that focuses on making custom invitations or cards for any occasion. I love creating fun invites and software that does it for me is even better. I make invites for my kids parties, weddings, baby showers. For everything.

This is a sponsored post? How does that work? Since this is a blog and not a newspaper my income comes from me. It is just me. Companies pay me for ad space or to write articles. I write about things I want to let you know about and I think are cool. My opinions are completely my own and honest. You can count on that. If there is something I like I will say if not I will let you know too.

How does Basic Invite work?
Basic Invite is a lot like many other photo and card making programs except it is completely custom and super easy to use. 

To start the basic card is chosen. I chose to "make" a holiday card since the holidays are right around the corner. I was able to upload a picture. I changed the color of the card and I also changed it to be a bracket card for the shape. And I see something that excites me even more. There is an address service that costs 35 cents. How amazing is that? Considering mail costs 50 cents a card that is totally worth it. At the holidays I send out tons of cards. This would help ease the holiday stress.

There are so many different colors for the design which I love, because yes this website. And there are 40 different envelope colors. I love some colored envelopes.

There is also an option to add foil to cards. It cost a bit more, but I could see this for Christmas cards for sure.

What else can you make with Basic Invite?
There are a whole host of other cards that can be made; graduation, baby, birthday parties, baptism, business cards, and wedding. What I love about the wedding and party cards is sets can be ordered to have matching sets including registry, additional invites to specific events at the wedding, thank you cards...etc. I did this for my wedding and loved it. It gives the whole wedding a cohesive vibe.

And they also offer custom websites for events. I think that might be one of my favorite things. They include optimized platforms, address collection, digital RSVPs, because it is the 21st century, and matching printed invitations.

Here are some other examples provided by Basic Invite. I am super excited for the birthday party invites because we have three kids now and will have no shortage of birthday parties. Here is the link for birthday party invitations online. And here is a link for simple party invitations.

What did I think?
I thought this website was really neat. I have not seen any of the invites or cards printed out, but I would love to try some and see how they look. And a really good thing about this website is the company will send samples of the card. It is by far one of the easiest websites for custom cards. I do wish there was a way to crop the photos when they were put in. Other than that I would highly recommend this website for cards and all other invite needs. The designs are really cute and stylish. I even saw they are hiring stationary artists to keep it up to date. Also while I was looking at the website a chat opened up and there was someone there to help me. I was super impressed.

If you end up making some cards be sure to look for any discount codes. The holiday cards are having a sale and the whole website is 15% off with the coupon code 15FF51. Happy card and invite making!

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