Crayola 2019 Toys Review: Scribble Scrubbies Safari! and Spin and Spiral Art Station

This year Crayola came out with some amazing toys for the 2019 Holiday season. I saw and played with all of them at Toy Fair in February and now I am able to do a in depth review of two of my favorite products. I picked the Spin and Spiral Art Station and the Scribble Scrubbie Safari in exchange for an honest review! I can not wait to show you how the toys turned out. My kids LOVED them and have been playing with them for days..

Scribble Scrubbie: What's In the Box?
The Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari! set comes with; 4 animals, a Scrubbie oasis, a scrub brush, 6 markers and a slide. The animals are named too, Khari the Lion, Tuma the Elephant, Nia the monkey, and Talib the giraffe. The moment I took this out of the packing box my toddler saw the faces of the scrubbies and wanted to play with them. I then proceeded to take them out and she played with them for hours! She was not even coloring them she just carried them around our house. I think she was in LOVE with their cute little faces.

There are more animals and sets available. The Scribble Scrubbies came out in 2018 and debuted with the Scribble Scrubbie Pets sets. There are twelve animals available in the Safari! series. There is also animals available from last year.

Scribble Scrubbie: How Does It Work?
The premise of the scribble scrubbies is simple. Kids draw on the scrubbies and then use the oasis to wash them off with the scrub brush. The oasis acts like a bath and a shower and the animals actually come clean. I would recommend letting the animals soak if the applied marker is super heavy. I was amazed that the color came out. It must be the material of the scrubbies that allow for the marker to be removed.
Scribble Scrubbie: What Did We Think?
This toy was a hit in our house. Why? It is easy to use and the characters are soooo cute. I would definitely get more of these for my kiddos. It entertained multiple age ranges for a long time from toddler to age 9. That is the oldest in my house. I find it pulled out multiple times. The little safari pets can be played with multiple ways, with and with out coloring. It promotes a lot of free and interactive play.
Spin and Spiral Art Station: What's In the Box?
The Crayola Spin and Spiral Art Station is two toys in one. It comes with; a spin and spiral station, 3 gears for spiral art, 6 markers, 3 in bottles, 15 paper discs, a spinning plate and a spin button.

Spin and Spiral Art Station: How Does It Work?
The spin station works by pushing the spin button down. A paper is attached to the right side of the unit. This causes the spinner to spin. When ink is applied it spins everywhere creating a tie dye effect.

The spinner portion does splatter ink on the insides of the unit. I washed it out after we used it.
The spiral art works by attaching the gear to the teeth on the right side as shown below. A marker or pen is inserted in the gear and moved along the circle in the teeth. It creates spiral art.
Spin and Spiral Art Station:What Did We Do?
We spun and spiraled all the discs it came with and even combined the techniques. My kids were obsessed. We ended up using markers with the spin art. It crated a cool effect. The kids also had fun using drops of ink on the paper without spinning. One of my favorite things is the kids could use it at the same time. Every design ended up being truly unique.

At the toy fair I even used the crayon melter in the spinner apparatus.
Spin and Spiral Art Station: What Did We Think?
When I first saw the spiral and spin art at the toy fair I loved it. My kids loved it too. Each design is truly unique and the colors are super vibrant.

The only thing I did not like was that it does not come with enough discs and there are no refills. My son was up this morning trying to figure out how to make more paper discs to use it again. I went to purchase a refill pack from Crayola and found out there are none available. The circles are 6 inches in diameter. If we made our own only one can be made per sheet of paper because papers are 8.5 x 11. I thought about making a five inch diameter circle, but the paper would not fit in the spinner. We will either get paper plates and cut them or buy a ream of card stock and use the Cricut to cut it.

Other than the refill issue we loved the spinner. I can see us using it for years to come.
Collecting Information
Boxes: Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Safari!, Crayola Spin and Spiral Art Station
Other Boxes: Crayola came out with Scribble Scrubbie Pets in 2018. The Spiral and Spin art have been around for a few years, this is the first year they were combined.
Year: 2019
Style Numbers: 74-7295 (Spin and Spiral Art Station), 74-7267 (Scribble Scrubbie)
Code Numbers: 74-7295-0-200 (Spin and Spiral Art Station), 74-7267-0-201 (Scribble Scrubbie)
UPC Numbers: 071662072957 (Spin and Spiral Art Station), 071662072674 (Scribble Scrubbie)
Manufacturing Location: China
Where to buy: or any places that sells Crayola products.

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