Crayola Color Wonder: Trolls World Tour, Baby Shark, Puppy Dog Pals, Fancy Nancy

It seems like it was a different a different world when I saw Crayola at the Toy Fair just a few short weeks ago. So much has changed. Our school is now closed for now and my kids are learning at home. We received the Color wonder to review and I am sooooo glad. My kids have been soaking it up. They especially love all the fun hidden designs on the page.

What's in the box and how does it work?
This year Color Wonder came out with a small Activity Pad and an envelope this year. The big envelope is reclosable for easy storage. Many of the coloring books from Crayola are licensed characters, ie characters from movies and tv shows. We were super excited to receive the Trolls coloring book because they movie is coming out soon! The envelopes come with 5 markers and 18 coloring pages. The activity pads come with 3 markers and 16 coloring pages.

Color Wonder markers paper and markers are magical. The markers only work with on color wonder paper. The paper contains a chemical that reacts with the marker ink. It would be a great science lesson too for the kids. Because right now I am looking for anything educational. The ink is clear if it is drawn on anything else.
Here is my small daughter coloring. She loves Color Wonder pages and so do I because they do not get the whole house and herself dirty. Currently she loves to color on herself...
What Did We Think?
We loved Color Wonder. There was a great variety of colors that came in the packs. We loved all the characters in each book. The hidden designs were my kids favorite part. They colored the whole page so they could see what was underneath. I love Color Wonder because it does not leave ink stains on anything else, it only colors on the paper. It is especially good for young colorists that color on everything.

I liked the activity pages too because even though the activity pads were smaller than the envelopes the pages were still a decent size. The 2016 edition came in book form, which was great for storing the markers, but the pages were smaller. I definitely like the bigger pages.

Here is what we colored.

My son colored this, his favorite color is red.
Here are all the other books available. We are loving Frozen II in this house! My little girl dances around to it all day. That would be a great activity, listening to music and coloring the corresponding book at the same time.
Here is the product information.
Product and Collecting Information 
Crayola changed the Color wonder design.  They made it more of a white background overall and emphasized the Mess Free feature of the markers.
Boxes: Crayola Color Wonder Envelopes Trolls World Tour, Baby Shark, Crayola Color Wonder Activity Pads: Puppy Dog Pals, Fancy Nancy
Other boxes: see picture above
Year: 2020
What's inside the box: 
Trolls World Tour, Baby Shark-comes with 5 colors
Puppy Dog Pals, Fancy Nancy-comes with 3 colors
Purchase Information: Provided by Crayola for honest review
Where to buy: Any place that sells Crayola products
Style Numbers: 75-4605 (Trolls World Tour), 75-7103 (Baby Shark), 75-7127 (Puppy Dog Pals), 75-7126 (Fancy Nancy)
Code Numbers: 75-4605-U-200 (Trolls World Tour), 75-7103-0-201 (Baby Shark), 75-7127-0-590 (Puppy Dog Pals), 75-7126-0-590 (Fancy Nancy)
UPC Numbers: 071662246051 (Trolls World Tour), 071662171032 (Baby Shark), 071662071271(Puppy Dog Pals), 071662071264 (Fancy Nancy)
Manufacturing Location: Markers from China, Set from Vietnam-Actvity Pad, Envelope-Product of U.S.A with foreign materials
Patent: US Patent 6124377 Marking system

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