My Visit to Toy Fair! New Crayola Toys for 2020

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to the New York City Toy Fair 2020 held in the Javits Center. I especially went to see all the new toys for the year from Crayola. Let me just tell you it was like heaven for me. They had a brand new booth design that was like walking in the clouds! I could have stayed there all day!
What is Toy Fair?
Toy Fair is when all the companies both big and small come together to showcase their toys for the new year. Buyers, stores, toy companies and press come to see all the new toys.
Crayola's Booth
This was the booth for Crayola. They changed it from last year. This year they had a unicorn/cloud/rainbow theme. Most of the core products were outside the booth while the new toy products were inside the booth at stations. There was a place to take pictures with props and some new cloud putty to play with.
This is what was behind the curtain.

Art Sets
Here is the information I gathered from the video and pictures. I will add more information as I get it. They will be out later this year.
Inspiration Art Kit-Blue Kit-150 pieces with texture tray. It comes with mini colored pencils, crayons, Super Tips and Pip Squeak skinnies.
Deluxe Art Set-80 pieces comes with watercolors, oil pastels, colored pencils, graphite pencils, pip skinny markers, super tips, paint brushes, and washable paint. The paint set is wooden and comes with tips and tricks.
Sketch and Color Art Set-comes with 24 page sketch book, tips and tricks, Pip Squeak skinnies, skinny markers, crayons and colored pencils. The case is fabric zipper.
There are two other kits on the wall I did not see.
Paint Products
New this year is a Washable Pour Paint Art Set. I was soooo excited for this one. The paint is poured into the tray and can be tipped to make custom creations. No creation will ever be the same.
There are also Washable Paint Stampers. The paint bottles can be used to draw or an adapter can be attached to the bottle to make different shapes and patterns on the paper.
Easy-Clean Finger paint. This unit opens up and paint is put inside. Then the unit is closed and baby and toddlers can finger paint without the mess. This is genius!
Steam and Stem Kits-Available August 2020
Some of my favorite kits this year were the Steam and Stem kits.
Paper Flower Kit
Ink is put in a cylinder. The paper flower is then put in and the flower wicks up the in making a really cool design.
Liquid Science Lab
This set comes with 20 experiments based on water and liquids using household items.
Space Science Lab
Kids can create a solar system. There are also 20 experiments based on space using household items.
Gross Science Lab
This kit is based on the science of gross. There are 20 experiments based on gross topics using household items.

Maker Series-Coming August 2020
Crayola has had maker sets before, crayon and marker makers. This year they have two new maker sets coming out, a paper maker and eraser maker.
The Eraser Maker works by putting the eraser compound into a mold and letting it set. There are 6 molds and 6 colors to choose from.
The Paper Maker includes enough materials to make 20 sheets of 5" x 8" of usable paper. It  comes with 3 ink colors, a beaker for mixing, a spatula and a paper press. The paper is then dried in the oven. I am really excited for this one because I used to make paper as a child.
The Marker Maker comes with enough supplies to make 16 markers and folds up for easy storage. It comes with a custom color mixing guide, 16 marker part sets, 3 ink bottles, measuring tubes, tweezers and a pressing tool.
Scribble Scrubbie Pets-available August 2020
We loved the Scribble Scrubbie pets we received last year. This year there will be a Scibble Scrubbie pets grooming truck and a pets tattoo shop where pets can get "tattoos" with stamper markers. I can see my little daughter LOVING this set.
Here are all the Scribble Scrubbies released so far.
One of Crayola's core lines is the Color Wonder Mess Free series. New this year they are making reusable packaging!! The parent and collector in me LOVES this. They are also coming out with a paint brush color wonder set. The brush is dipped into the paint and then the color only appears on the color wonder paper.
There is a lot coming this year for Glitter Dots. Glitter dots work by pushing glitter dots on a paper or mold. They are glittery and not messy.

The dots will now be available in a Pastel color. There is a new sparkle fill butterfly. The key chains will be updated. And new this year there will be sparkle charms.  Lastly there will be a surprise box where the packaging is part of the toy.  The box opens on all four sides and reveals four sparkle signs and a mystery key chain. I love everything about this series. These will be available September 2020.
And that is it for behind the curtain!

Another new series Crayola has this year is the Pets series. It includes Paw print kits, 64 crayons with new color pet names. The collectors are SUPER excited for this box, a light up tracing pad and 50 colored pencils. This is a super cute set.
Aspiring Artist
The two new products for this year are color changing pens and metallic outline markers. I am super exited to try both of them. I LOVE anything Take Note! My current favorite has been my Felt Tip pens. I need to buy another package because I have lost my favorite blue color.

The Project XL line is super exiting.It is especially designed for kids projects. I am most excited for the quick-dry paint sticks, gel crayons, easy-peel crayon pencils, the super dazzle letters, and the vivid card stock.

Color and Draw
I do not see anything new in the standard Crayola product line. I am still in love with the pearl, neon, glitter and metallic crayons. I may have bought five sets at Christmas.
Color and Draw
There are some new coloring books this year. Most of them look new. There are new art with Edge books, the Avengers! There are books based on the Minions, Trolls, Frozen II, Spirit and Ninja Turtles. There are also themed books, 3 of which I already picked up at Target, Mer Creatures, Uni Creatures, Epic Book of Awesome and Sloths and Llamas. Happy coloring adventures!
Paint & Create
I do not see anything super new. There is a new themed set for Trolls?
Creative Gifts
This side includes the Silly Putty, Glitter Dots and the Pet themed sets. There are some Frozen II and Trolls themed sets.
Little Artist
The little artist set does not feature anything super new, but includes some themed coloring sets; Frozen II, Baby Shark, Paw Patrol, Trolls, Puppy Dog Palls, Fancy Nancy and Peppa Pg.
Partner Innovations
The partner innovations area is always a fun area. There are so many different companies that are licensed to make Crayola products. I also found some cool Crayola products throughout the fair, but the companies would not let me take pictures because they were under embargo. I can not wait to show them later this year.

I was able to save last years cookie, but this years got smashed. Alas I had to eat it and it was delicious! Next year I'm bringing a Crayola container to put it in.
And here are some more pictures of the booth and my favorite Crayolians!

Toy Fair was awesome and it was amazing to visit the Crayola booth. I am already planning my trip for next year!