4 Count Crayola Crayons

In the 1990-2000's Crayola let companies make custom 4 count and 6 count promotional boxes for their brands. There are many more than shown here, but here are some fun themed Crayola 4 count crayon boxes from Oscar Meyer, Mother's Banana Boat, Energizer, Chili's crayons, Joe Corbi's and Smuckers. Some of them are regular crayons some are special Crayola crayons, metallic and Techno Brite. The Chili's crayons are custom named. 
Collecting Information
These are collectible crayons because they were made for a certain company and no longer around. Some of them are very hard to find. I will update as soon as I find them.
Boxes: Banana Boat (1998), Talent Search Techno Brite (1998), Smuckers Toppings Techno Brite (1999), Energizer Metallic Crayons (2000), Mother's Washable Crayons (2000), Joe Corbi's (2003), Macaroni Grill Crayons (2003)
Other boxes: 
Year: 1998, 2000, 2003
What's inside the box: 
  • Banana Boat: hot magenta, laser lemon, violet, cerulean
  • Talent Search Techno Brite: megahertz maroon, cyber space orange, floppy yellow, circuit board green
  • Smuckers Toppings Techno Brite: megahertz marron, infra red, transistor yellow, world wide web yellow, point & click green, web surfin' blue
  • Energizer Metallic Crayons 
  • Mother's Washable Crayons: red, yellow, green, blue
  • Joe Corbi's: red, yellow, green, blue
  • Chili: Chock-a-lot Shake, Pepper Pal's Red, Lemonade, Blueberry missing Banana Berry, Dreamy Creamy Orange, Sour Apple, Chili's
Purchase Information: from fellow collectors
Where to buy:  eBay
Style Numbers: 52-0004 (Banana Boat), (Talent Search Techno Brite), 52-0006 (Smuckers Toppings Techno Brite), 52-8804 (Energizer Metallic Crayons), 52-7604 (Mother's Washable Crayons), 52-031 (Joe Corbi's), unknown (Chili's Crayons) 
Code Numbers: 52-0004-0-202 (Banana Boat), (Talent Search Techno Brite), 52-0006-0-211 (Smuckers Toppings Techno Brite), 52-8804-0-200 (Energizer Metallic Crayons), 52-7604-0-200 (Mother's Washable Crayons), 52-0314-0-200 (Joe Corbi's), (Chili's Crayons) 
UPC Numbers:  071662876043 (Mother's Washable Crayons), unknown (Chili's Crayons), None on the rest; Banana Boat, Talent Search Techno Brite, Smuckers Toppings Techno Brite, Energizer Metallic Crayons, Mother's Washable Crayons, Joe Corbi's
Manufacturing Location: USA

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