2020 Crayola Take Note!

The Take Note! line is perhaps my favorite from Crayola. Why? Because it is the one I use the most. Take Note! has been around since 2018. That year they introduced gel pens and erasable highlighters. The next year in 2019 Crayola introduced Felt-Tip Pens, Highlighter Pens, Dry-Erase markers and Permanent Markers. My favorite was the Highlighter pens. I use these in my planner and to plan lessons, highlighting with one end and writing with the other. Sometimes in my planner I will write and highlight times and appointments. This year in 2020 Crayola has expanded even more introducing; Color Changing Pens, Erasable Highlighters Pastel Party, Fine Line Dry-Erase Markers and Glitter Highlighters. The color changing pens are dual ended.

I am so excited for the expansion of this line! I think I'm most excited for the Glitter Highlighters. The only thing I would change about this line is to have normal color names, not fun ones like Love You so Matcha and Little Black Dress.

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Color Information
Boxes:  4 Color Changing Pens, 6 Erasable Highlighters Pastel Party, 4 Fine Line Dry-Erase Markers and 4 Glitter Highlighters.
What's inside the box: 
Color Changing Pens:  Regal + Always Shining, Blue My Mind + Mint to Be, Squad + Goals, Than's My Jam + Vacay Vibes
Erasable Highlighters Pastel Party: Live in the Meow, Stone Washed, Catchin' Rays, Just Peachy, Wednesdays
Fine Line Dry-Erase Markers: My Valentine. Love You So Matcha, Twilight Sky, Little Black Dress
Glitter Highlighters: Unicorn Tears, Sunday Funday, Reach for the Stars, Violet it Shine
Purchase Information: Crayola website.
Where to buy: crayola.com

6 Erasable Highlighters Pastel Party
 4 Color Changing Pens
4 Glitter Highlighters.
4 Fine Line Dry-Erase Markers
Collecting Information
Other Boxes: There are other Take Note! Supplies
Year: 2020
Style Numbers:  58-6636 (Glitter Highlighters), 58-6635 (Pens), 58-6556 (Erasable Highlighters), 58-6541 (Dry-Erase)
Code Numbers:  58-6636-0-300 (Glitter Highlighters), 58-6635-0-300 (Pens) 58-6556-0-300 (Erasable Highlighters), 58-6541-0-300 (Dry-Erase)
UPC Numbers: 071662066369 (Glitter Highlighters), 071662066352 (Pens), 071662065560 (Erasable Highlighters), 071662065416 (Dry-Erase)
Manufacturing Location:  China
Where to buy: crayola.com

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