How to Make a Color Wheel with Crayola Model Magic

I have been posting weekly STEM projects to do with kids that are home from school. I am going to be doing this all this year. My kids are home three days a week and in school for two days. We definitely need things to do. I hope that you find these projects useful and can do some with your kids while they are home from school. 

Today's project is Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors aka basic color theory. I made it based on the color wheel from Johannes Itten's Art of Color book. I bought this book a while ago and have been reading it. It is amazing! He was a color genius.

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To make this color wheel gather some Crayola model magic, sheet protector, and the blank color wheel and instructions I made. 

How to Make the Color Wheel
Open red, blue and yellow model magic packs. Divide. Divide one of the divided dough again.
Secondary Colors
Mix the colors to make the following secondary colors.
  • red + yellow = green
  • red + blue = violet
  • yellow + blue = green
Roll the dough into balls. 
Divide into thirds.
Divide the remaining red, blue and yellow into thirds.

Tertiary Colors
Mix the colors to make tertiary colors.
  • red + orange = red orange
  • red + violet = red violet
  • yellow + orange = yellow orange
  • yellow + green = yellow green
  • blue + green = blue green
  • blue + violet = blue violet
Once the colors are made use the dough to fill in the color wheel.
Place the primary and secondary colors where they point to on the outer ring of the color wheel. Insert the tertiary colors in between.

I hope you enjoy the project. I had fun doing it myself. It is so fun to learn about basic color theory and make a circle like this.

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