240 Count Crayola Crayon Tub

240 Crayola crayon tub!!!! This is the biggest tub of crayons that Crayola has ever sold. But looks can be deceiving. This crayon tub is really 120 crayons doubled. I normally do not buy items like this because I already have all these crayons, but I have the matching 168 count crayon tub and really wanted to get this one to go in my collection. It is sold exclusively on Amazon right now just in time for the holiday season. The crayon tub is really pretty, easy to carry and easy to open and close. It actually stays closed when it is closed. It would be ideal for stories loose crayons in. 

Here are the crayon colors. The colors are 120 crayons doubled.

Color Information

What's inside the box: red, melon, scarlet, yellow orange, orange, banana mania, dandelion, yellow, canary, green yellow, yellow green, sky blue, indigo, cerulean, cadet blue, blue violet, violet (purple), wisteria, peach, apricot, chestnut, tan, desert sand, beaver, raw sienna, sepia, tumbleweed, brown, burnt orange, bittersweet, burnt sienna, shadow, gold, antique brass, copper, timberwolf, silver, black, white, piggy pink, carnation pink, tickle me pink, pink flamingo, cotton candy, pink sherbet, magenta, red violet, blush, violet red, fuzzy wuzzy, sunset orange, green, fern, mountain meadow, caribbean green, aquamarine, blue green, blue, blue bell, outerspace, vivid violet, purple heart, eggplant, salmon, lavender, mauvelous, wild strawberry, mahogany, red orange, macaroni and cheese, goldenrod, spring green, granny smith apple, sea green, spring green, granny smith apple, sea green, olive green, turquoise green, cornflower, purple mountains' majesty, violet, fuchsia, cerise, jazzberry jam, purple pizzazz, maroon, brick red, razzmatazz, radical red, hot magenta, razzle dazzle rose, shocking pink, wild watermelon, mango tango, outrageous orange, neon carrot, vivid tangerine, atomic tangerine, sunglow, unmellow yellow, laser lemon, almond, electric lime, inchworm,  screamin' green, asparagus, forest green, pine green, shamrock, jungle green, tropical rain forest, wild blue wonder, robin's egg blue, pacific blue, periwinkle, manatee, midnight blue, denim, plum, royal purple

Where to buy: Amazon

Collecting Information
This is a great box to collect. It may be around a long time, it may be around a short time, but it is a great piece of Crayola history.

Boxes: Crayola 240 Crayon Tub 
Other Boxes: 168 Crayola Crayon Tub
Year: 2020
Style Numbers:  52-3451
Code Numbers:  52-3451-0-700
UPC Numbers: 071662134518
Manufacturing Location: USA with tub from Germany
Where to buy: Amazon


  1. I want that tub of 240 crayons, please?

  2. I know this may seem strange, but one of the crayons looks like Magic Mint

  3. I need to buy this but icant

  4. Did you say dandelion?

  5. Hi Jenny come to Honduras I'm Hector
    Bring 240 of crayons