Screen Free Storytelling with Tonies!

The Toniebox is a fun screen free interactive musical and storytelling toy for kids. It introduces readers and prereaders to storytelling before children can read books. There are many different Tonies that can be purchased for the box and even creative Tonies that can be customized to individual children.

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What's In the Box
I received the Toniebox + 4 Tonies in exchange for an honest review. Bundle sets of the Toniebox and Tonies come in sets of 1, 3 and 5. We received Simba, Ariel, Wood, Playtime and Action Songs, and a Red Creative Tonie.

In the box is the Toniebox, a creative Tonie color coordinated to the box, a charging cord, instructions, and the number of Tonies purchased. The Toniebox comes in red, light blue, berry, gray, pink, purple, and green. The creative Tonie comes in Black, Brown and White characters.

Tonies not pictured here include: Disney Cars, Nemo, Elsa, Cinderella, Jungle Book, Pinocchio and Other Classics, Rapunzel and Other Fairy Tales, Stick Man, The Gruffalo, Fairy Creative-Tonie and Vampire Creative-Tonie.
How Does It Work?
The Toniebox will need to be synced to a phone or other device before the first use. This is the part we had the most trouble with. Our internet outputs 5G and 2G. I needed to select the 2G and update my router before it would connect. I had to call the internet company to update my router. Once they fixed it it paired. It did take a minute though.

Once the Toniebox is paired it will show up in the app. There are controls for the Toniebox and headphone volumes.
The individual Tonies can be synced to the box by placing the Tonie on top of the box. It takes a few seconds, but connects automatically and is super easy.
Once all the Tonies are connected they show up in the Tonie panel. When the Tonie is clicked on it will show information on how long the Tonie runs, the titles on the Tonie and some information on what kids will learn from the story.
The Toniebox acts as an interactive boombox. To turn on the box one ear is squeezed. To change the volume up or down the ears are squeezed. The big ear to turn it up, the little ear to turn it down. Tapping the sides will change the chapter, and tilting the box will fast-forward or rewind.

When the Tonie is removed the story will stop. When it is placed back on it will start at the same spot as long as another Tonie has not been on the box.

The creative Tonie is a custom Tonie. Up to 90 minutes can be recorded on the computer or phone. More than one person can record messages or stories for kiddos.

What Did We Think?
Overall we loved the Tonie. The hardest part was the initial setup. My daughter plays with it several times a day. She loves to sing the songs and switch the Tonies back and forth. The Tonie figurines are cute and fun for kids to play with. It is a great visual cue for kids to know what story they are choosing. The Toniebox is $99.99 and the individual Tonies are about $14.99. Getting a bundle is a great idea to start off with. I wish there was a way to get another bundle of 5 without the box. I plan on buying the Elsa Tonie for my daughter for Christmas. I am sure she will love it. Click here to get your own on Amazon or

Accesorries are coming soon: headphones, case, and more.
Here is the packaging information for the Toniebox and the individual Tonies that are sold separately.

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