The Best STEAM Toys for Easter

Who wants to waste their money on Easter gifts kids will look at once and forget about? Then become a pile on the floor to trip over clutter up the house? Not me! I love getting my kids toys they will actually use for more than an hour and that they will learn from. 

I have gathered up some toys from my favorite companies to show some awesome STEM and art supplies for Easter baskets. These toys are so fun for kids to use and will entertain them not just for hours, but days. My kids saw me taking this picture and wanted to play with them all. All of these toys were donated by the respective companies, but I get to choose what companies to work with and I am so grateful to be able to show these toys.

I will go through each toy with links to find them.

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The first toy in the basket is the Pinxies unicorn ice cream truck. It provides modes of play. It is a building toy, easy to assemble and it is an interactive toy that lets kids use their imaginations in role play with the characters. There are extra accessories, interchangeable parts, a sticker sheet for decorating, the truck actually moves.  Click here to find on Amazon. There are also many other cool sets from Pinxies.

The next toy is from Crayola. I love Crayola! This year they came out with Colors or the World Colored Pencils and Markers to go with their award winning crayons! Click here to find on

Hand 2 Mind had some great art/STEM toys. The coding charms help teach coding concepts while making the charts and the craft stick creations include 10 different creations kids can make. The Fashion Parade from Educational Insights can be used with the crayons above.

These books from Matthew Paul Turner are really good books for babies and toddlers that let them know how special and important they are! Click here to find on Amazon.

This brand new Design & Drill Bolt Buddies from Educational Insights is super fun for preschools to learn the basics of construction. Click here to find on Amazon.

Finally botley has arrived with the times and come out with some new masks. Check out our review for botley 2.0. He is a screen free coding robot. My daughter loves botley and his current "masks".  He is one of our favorites in this house. It is a way for the toy to be like her during this time. She talks about botley wearing his masks. Click here to find at Staples.

Another great one I forgot to put in the picture above is SolarBots. We got this last year and my kids love it. And the sun is coming back out! This one is out of stock, but there is Solar-Powered Rovers from the same company available. Click here to find on Amazon.

I hope this list of toys for Easter was helpful. Many of these toys will provide lots of fun for kiddos and be great Easter basket additions. Or if reading this after Easter they would be great birthday or just because toys. Hope you have a good EASTER!!!

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