Super Cute 4th of July Card

Today I am really excited to share with you how I made the 4th of July card! I have always crafted and even own a Cricut, but like with all things sometimes it collects dust. I wanted to make a card to share today and really for making cards there is no comparison! 

I really wanted to utilize some of my art supplies with card making and I loved how the two merged. My favorite is probably the stars on the flag. Read on to see how how made it.When designing a card it is all about experimentation and sometimes throwing things out to make a better product. I can already see something I would change. But there is also a time to stop making changes. It is like coloring. Sometimes too many changes can be too much. The only things I would change with the card is no glitter on the white stars just on the blue background. 

The first thing is I did is designed the card in Cricut Design Space. It is a little clumsy, but knowing a few tricks can make it easier. Click here to get my files I designed: COMING SOON.

Then I cut out all my components.
 My scraper is well loved as can be seen.
Here are all the components to my design. My white card stock was a little heavier. Next time I would turn the cut dial more toward fabric for that. The other cardstock was fine. I had to cut a little with the cricut scissors.I used Tombow Adhesives to glue all the componets.
I have used Tombow adhesives for years. They recently sent me this adhesive. It is smaller and sticks better than the old one I have.Then I colored in the letters with Tombow alcohol markers. I did not love the red of the marker on the blue. 

I colored over it with a white Posca marker. And then colored over it again with the red Tombow Marker. It matched the flag so much better. I colored in the flag and used a white Posca marker for the stars. Those were my favorite. If I was doing it over again. I would use a ruler for the stripes. They are a little off.

Then I grabbed the only glue I could think of and attempted to add glitter.

I did not get a picture, but it went horribly. I could not see the letters. I ripped off the red cardstock and put a new one over it. I actually ended up liking it because then it was just on the blue. If I did this over again I would glitter the blue first and then tape down the red cardstock so the glitter would only be on the blue paper.

Here is the end result, almost.

I decided I wanted to bring the flag out more so I outlined the flag in white. I could have cut another white cardstock, but I did not want to do more cuts. Do you like how it turned out?

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  1. Super cute, Jenny! I am definitely going to have to try and create cards on my Cricut!!