Crayola 200 Crayons with Colors of the World

In 2021 Crayola came out with a box of 200 crayons. Someone on Instagram asked me about it and I knew I had to get it! I went to order it and guess what? It was only available at Sam's club. What a disappointment because I do not have a Sam's Club card. I asked one of my friends to get it and she did and here it is! I wondered if there were 200 unique colors, but alas there are only 120 unique crayons. I do not understand whey they did not make this as a unique 120 box, but whatever. It is a fun box and maybe someday they can put 200 unique crayons in it.

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Here is the inside of the box. They made the design of the 120 box a little wider and taller. There are 16 count sleeves and one box of 24 Colors of the World crayons.

Color Information 

There are duplicates of everything but the standard 16 and Colors of the World.

Boxes: Crayola 200 Crayons with Colors of the World Crayons
What's inside the box: 

  • lavender (2), mauvelous (2), fuchsia (2), red violet, cerise (2), magenta (2), jazzberry jam (2), purple pizzazz (2), maroon (2), brick red (2), violet red, razzmatazz (2), wild strawberry (2), red, violet, tickle me pink (2), carnation pink, hot magenta (2), salmon (2), razzle dazzle rose (2), shocking pink (2), wild watermelon (2), radical red (2), melon (2), scarlet (2), mango tango (2), red orange, vivid tangerine (2), outrageous orange (2), yellow orange, orange, neon carrot (2), macaroni and cheese (2), atomic tangerine (2), sunglow (2), apricot (2), peach (2), unmellow yellow (2), golden rod (2), yellow, laser lemon (2), green yellow, spring green (2), olive green (2), inchworm (2), electric lime (2), asparagus (2), forest green (2), screamin' green (2), yellow green, granny smith apple (2), shamrock (2), green, pine green (2), tropical rain forest (2), jungle green (2), sea green (2), robin's egg blue (2), blue green, turquoise blue (2), sky blue (2), wild blue yonder (2), cadet blue (2), cornflower (2), pacific blue (2), cerulean (2), periwinkle (2), navy blue (2), blue, denim (2), bluetiful (2), midnight blue (2), indigo (2), purple mountains' majesty (2), blue violet, royal purple (2), wisteria (2), orchid (2), violet (purple), plum (2), silver (2), timberwolf (2), gray, white, black, deepest almond, extra deep almond, extra deep almond, extra deep golden, very deep almond, very deep rose, extra deep rose, deep almond, sepia (2), brown, medium deep almond, copper (2), deep golden, raw sienna (2), medium deep golden, tumbleweed (2), light medium golden, medium golden, medium almond, light golden, light medium almond, very light golden, gold (2), burnt sienna (2), tan (2), burnt orange (2), bittersweet (2), mahogany (2), chestnut (2), deep rose, medium deep rose, light medium rose, light rose, very light rose, light almond, extra light almond

Purchase Information: Sam's Club
Where to buy: Sam's Club

Collecting Information

This is a 200 count box, the first of it's design. It is collectible.

Boxes: Crayola 200 count box with Colors of the World crayons
Year: 2021
Style Numbers: 52-8099
Code Numbers: 52-8099-0-200
UPC Numbers: 071662581015
Manufacturing Location: USA
Where to buy: Sam's Club

Here are the sides and back of the box. 



  1. I saw the 200 count on Amazon and a 168 at Walmart.

  2. Arya Taj-Shafaghi4/10/23, 8:35 PM

    I just wish I could just browse art products for one whole day!